Eighteen months ago two 20-something friends were shocked at my age–then 77.  It is so normal for people to be shocked when they discover my age that I wait for the, “Oh, you look so much younger!” And, they went further. They asked how I managed to stay so youthful.

I stumbled and bumbled a bit and then realized I practice what I have been preaching for decades. I have been studying and teaching physical, mental, emotional and spiritual methods of staying young and fit for fifty years.

Driving home I thought, “I bet I know a thousand ways to stay young.” Within days I started my list and quickly came up with 365 ways to stay young.  Twenty years ago that list could have made a wonderful desk-top-page-a-day-calendar. Now, I puzzled in this technological world what do I do with the information.

Finally I decided. Blogging is the answer. Since I am not technically inclined this has been a challenge to get started. Forgive any blogging-blunders I commit along the way.

I do want to share with you what I have learned and practiced for 69 years. And certainly I do not want to be accused of practicing medicine. And I do not want to become a medical expert.

Super-Aging can and should start young.  And it is never too late to begin.

Realizations have come through my preparation for blogging. I remembered that at age 9, I declared to myself that I was not going to be old and haggard, depressed and miserable at 42 as my mother was. Declarations are powerful and change our circumstances!

On my 25th birthday while having my hair styled, I exclaimed to my image in the mirror that the last two thirds of my life were going to be filled with fun, health and happiness and not the misery of my first 25 years! This declaration was so powerful that within weeks my old life began to crumble apart. (And I’m past that life expectancy given in 1965.)

Amazing and wonderful new opportunities quickly appeared in my life within weeks of this second declaration! For the next five years, I began learning about freedom of expression through encounter groups, psycho-drama, clear communication methods and family therapy studies with Virginia Satir, and Gestalt training with George Rosner and Laura Perls, and more.

At 28, I began to seriously clean up my diet and take supplements. By 34 most of my Gestalt and Primal Therapy friends considered me a health nut. By 35 my life was filled with savvy meditators who were and are Super-Agers.  And that continues. By age 40 I was traveling internationally as a teacher, healer, and counselor/minister of Inner Light Consciousness. By age 53 I was co-directing the Aurora Healing Center in Oslo, Norway and had created and was directing an adult four level school of spiritual studies called Peace Through Understanding. The school encouraged people to reach for their perfected selves and thereby become Super-Agers.

I wish you happy eating and exercising, knowing yourself, and being free to discover your inner child and your Divine Nature. May my experiences inspire you or remind you that your body is a temple of your soul and that your heart is the altar of God (by whatever faith- name you call her).

And may this blog bless you with peace, joy, truth, harmony and beauty.  Ruthann

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