Day 11 of FREE to be YOUng:

Day 11 of Free to BE YOUng: Eat Many Fruits and Vegetables to maintain your health.

For the last two years I have had as a daily goal to eat 7-9 vegetables and/or fruits a day. When I do, I am feeling younger and fit. Most days I achieve that goal. Often a late night snack of dried figs or dates gets me back on target. And certainly I’ve noticed that if my energy is dragging during the day, eating living food brightens my mood and energy within minutes.  

Current common nutritional advice is to fill half of your plate (lunch and dinner) with salad or raw vegetables for vitamins, minerals and healthy phytonutrients. In the winter half of those veggies should be cooked in my opinion. And that would certainly be the advice of committed Macrobiotics!

Most PBS TV stations have programs by leading nutritionists and doctors revealing the healthiest of diets and suggestions for maintaining a youthful body and mind and preventing dementia. Do use your local PBS station as an inspiration for healthy eating.  Do know the experts presenting the programs might give conflicting advice.

And as always: Do trust the instincts of you free child to know what is best for you!

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2 thoughts on “Day 11 of FREE to be YOUng:

  1. Sound advice. Thanks Ruthann!

  2. Glad it is useful.

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