Day 12 of Free to BE YOUng: Do Not Overeat.

Overeating taxes the digestive system, creates tiredness and obviously puts on extra weight. If you feel you must overeat, choose one day a week to pig out. My weekly pig day is useful.

A relatable story:

The Boy and the Green Figs

A Hindu and Middle Eastern Meditation Circle Tale

A mother noticed that her young son just couldn’t/wouldn’t stop eating green figs no matter what she said or did. Each time he overindulged he would get a stomach ache. Running out of ideas and methods to help him, she took him to her spiritual teacher. She asked him to cure the child of this compulsion. The spiritual master looked compassionately on the pair and told her to bring the boy back to him in three months. She was disappointed and obedient.

Three months later the mother returned with the child. The master healer laid his hands on the boy and blessed him and nodded to the mother that everything would be find.

Then she asked, “Why did you send us away three months ago?”

“Oh, I had to cure myself of my addiction of eating green figs first, before I could cure your son.”

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