FREE to be YOUng: Week 1


I didn’t get the blog up on January 1. So here are the entries for the first week.

Introduction: The 7 most important steps of FREE to be YOUng (other than the obvious eating well and exercising) are mentioned this first week. For me the first 7 steps have been the most important steps for maintaining a spirit of vim and vitality at any age. I hope you can consider them a banquet of knowledge and enjoy the reminders. I am aware that nearly all of my friends are already Super Agers.

Week 1:

Day 1: Decide to be (or continue to be) a SUPER AGER!  

I decided at age 9 not to grow haggard and unhappy at 40 like most of the farmwives I knew in Indiana. On my 25th birthday I declared vociferously to my image in the mirror while getting my hair styled that the remainder of my life would be happier, healthier, more truthful, more fulfilling and delightful than the first 25 years.

Day 2: Be your own Mother regarding POSTURE.

Stooping actually crushes our organs and diminishes our intake of breath. Our livers, kidneys, lungs, etc. like as much room as possible to regenerate their cells each day! Let’s stop squeezing the life out of them! Check yourself in mirrors and straighten up and smile.

Rigid military shoulders are NOT ideal! Shoulders up and back and down work to correct my posture.  Yes, and let’s add more mirrors for checking our posture and our SMILES. That’s day 3.

Day 3: SMILE.

A simple gift to give others and ourselves is the gift of smiling. Researchers report that smiling uses fewer muscles than frowning. The first time I heard that I processed it. 

The second time I heard it I decided to practice smiling all day as an exercise. Not only did I use less energy I felt lifted and glances of my images in store windows were shockingly pleasant. Strangers on the street seemed happy to receive a smile (And it was Oslo in the dark of winter where smiles can be rare). I felt joy and lighthearted vitality all day.

I’ve experienced that smiles lighten our being-ness and those around us! Here is a link for more information:

It’s a wonderful daily/lifetime practice.

Day 4: “You must become as little children.”

Rediscover and connect to your energetic core. It is 3 finger widths below the navel and half way front to back and half way from side to side in the abdomen. That “core” is more than muscles! It is a vital center emanating a vortex of aliveness and it is the point of assured  graceful movement and Instinct. (All excellent athletes move—putt, shoot, kick, dive, drive, swing– from that center!) When accepted and allowed its freedom, it protects us from danger and brings us to safety and contentment.

Remember 2 year olds don’t wear bras and ties! Wear something loose and freeing as often as you can. You might want to take your shoes off and pad around on bare feet. Breathe deeply into your abdomen like a child.

Overcome any restrictions in the midriff that stop your full breath; aha remember that is your inspiration! Laugh and giggle (fake it ‘til you make it) and even, if you can, have a good cry. Indulge your free child for at least some minutes each day until she is restored.

Please remember to love your free child every day, Agree to redevelop your instinctive free child. She may warn you instinctively and save your life. Find your inner child (possibly still hurt child) to reclaim your INSTINCT and truth to heal the hurt child.

Day 5:  Maintain youthful EYE movements with exercise.

Roll your eyes 10 times a day in circles ing each direction, flirt like a 4 year old, dart your eyes in random patterns of the hours on a clock face.

Flexibility of eye muscles keeps us flexible mentally, physically and emotionally. Yes, really! If you were here with me, I have an exercise to prove that physically! Many older folks who appear rigid look like their eyeballs (unfortunately) are glued pointing straight ahead.  They move their heads and not their eyes to glance to the side.  Advice:  keep your eyes flexible to take in your life and environment at all levels.

Day 6: Learn to meditate or to be mindful.

Meditation is the path to Wisdom and Intuition. Meditation takes us into alpha brain waves by relaxing us and slowing us down. At a point of relaxation, we can communicate with our Inner Teacher, Higher Self, Heart Self, Real Self or whatever name you want to call this Super Conscious Self. You could even call it, “Hey You”. You see unlike most of our other friends—She/He doesn’t have an ego!

But do learn to call upon this essential part of yourself.

The Inner Teacher can guide each of us to health, well-being, wisdom and really importantly—our life’s purpose. When you find your life’s purpose the willingness to create health and vitality seem to become more important.

And by the way, finding your life’s purpose simply is naming and claiming your hardest lesson usually in the first third of your life. Mine was poor communication and my life purpose is to help myself and others communicate more clearly. Another person I know was considered a weakling in his youth, by the time he was 22 he changed that around to teach others to honor and strengthen their bodies and self-esteem. Ah, it’s worth thinking about! Especially for the young.

Day 7:  Commit to lifelong learning.

Those of us who love to learn maintain the benefits of keeping active, alert; interested and involved in life around us.  All of these are qualities of two year olds. (Remember to become as little children?)

Brain research is evolving quickly. My Public Broadcasting Stations in Washington, D.C. present many programs on the dynamics of brain research. The programs are well worth watching! And each program always mentions we are in the infancy of understanding the brain.

Those folks at any age who seem to lose interest in learning appear often to be in a fog of disinterest and ennui. I personally believe that ennui affects every cell in the body negatively and promotes premature aging and low self-esteem.

When I become involved with new learning I perk up and feel more engaged.  When I see others sharing about what they are learning at whatever age, it seems that they perk up. I believe we add vitality to our bodies, minds and spirits as we learn. We are free to be young!

Happy Perky Learning!

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