Here’s the Poop! Day 13 of FREE to be YOUng: Do Keep Your Gut Healthy!

A healthy gut creates a healthy brain and body. Every year there seems to be more research reassuring us that we need to create a “healthy gut” to maintain our health. The newest research is pointing out the connections between the gut and a healthy brain.

Here is a link that simply explains several aspects of gut-health.

You are luckier if you had a normal birth to have a healthy microbiome in your gut. Those of us born by C-section, are at a disadvantage unless. This link shares why:,-the-gut-microbiota,-and-child-health

Thankfully in our stores more foods are readily available to help us achieve a healthy gut. There are not only probiotics there are prebiotics. There are not only the numerous forms of yogurt now there are so also numerous flavors of kefir. There are not only the old timey sauerkraut choices there are now numerous more exotic versions of kimchi. There are the old fiber choices and now newer ways of ingesting fiber. All of these foods help create a healthy gut.  

Kombucha: In Norway I met a glamorous Russian Gypsy Cabaret singer who at 65 looked and sounded 45. When asked her secret, she said I have been drinking kombucha all of my life. She always traveled with her scoby so she could make her own kombucha.

Now health food stores and even regular grocery stores are stocking kombucha at reasonable prices.  Making kombucha at home I found to be a delicate and lengthy and smelly process.

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