Day 14 of Free to BE YOUng: Check out EAT RIGHT FOR (4) YOUR TYPE, Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney.

After scanning this book and reading my specific blood type recommendations, I discovered that for decades I generally had instinctively known what foods were beneficial for my body. This was truer when preparing my own meals. However, when cooking for a group and entertaining I often strayed from that inner wisdom of the sub-conscious.

Many of my Super Ager friends have benefited from studying their blood type food recommendations. One of my Super Ager friends proclaimed that after she started following the eating guide lines for her blood type weight, warts and growths fell off from her body. And other negative health conditions vanished miraculously.

You can easily access a listing of foods recommended for your blood type from the internet. I carried my blood type list in my purse for a year consulting it at the grocery store each time I shopped. I also advise getting a smaller complete book on your own blood type.

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