Day 15 of Free to BE YOUng: Communicate with your Free Child, Hurt Child, Sub-conscious or Subby

When working with this blog the last two weeks, I have discovered that my free child or sub-conscious mind guides me many more times a day than I realized.

For instance last night melted snow was refreezing in my driveway. For a few moments I realized the interplay of my grown up self who was going to walk straight to get out of the cold as soon as possible and my free child who helped me pick and choose a slower safer crooked path to avoid the forming black ice. I came home uninjured thanks to my instinctual guiding self.

Really, until writing this blog of 365 ways to stay young and fit, I had no idea how often my free child guides me. In another example, my adult self will look at a food choice and start going through mental gyrations: the calorie count, the amount of calcium, the sugar content, etc. in order to make a “reasonable” decision. My free child knows instantly if the food will bring health or a sugar drop in two hours or acid reflux and because of our trusted and intimate close relationship, have me reach for the healthy choice.  Now, that’s not to say these two parts of myself don’t argue about exercise choices, food choices, sleep choices, etc. There is often a little drama of should I ?, would I?, could I?

And in review, this blog is the result of two young people asking me, “How do you do it–appear and seem so much younger than your chronological years?”

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