Day 16 of FREE to be YOUng: Learn to Breathe like a Baby!

The free child that guides us toward healthy choices communicates with us better when we breathe deeply into the abdomen. To be intimately in touch with our sub-conscious or free child we need to recapture breathing as we did as a baby. Deep abdominal breathing is necessary to become one with the Subby. So learning to do yoga breathing is helpful. 

When breathing shallowly the basic instincts of the free child cannot be accessed.

The impulse for breathing shallowly is a defense of the ego to stop the impulses of the hurt child. In other words shallow breathing prevents the feelings of fear, anger and sorrow buried in the sub-conscious from emerging or escaping into the now. Yes, shallow breathing, gags the hurt child from expressing pain. If the pain is not released the free child buried under the gunk of repressed emotions is never set free. And that is a shame!

I have only met two adults who still breathed into their bellies like infants without having to be retrained. Most schools have a vested interest in us breathing high in our chests so we don’t emote in school. Emoting can interrupt activities and lessons. So, we learn as young students to suck it up (our breath and feelings).

Expanding the lungs into the lower part of the trunk allows us to access our emotions whether they are delightful, horrifying or painful. Breathing in the middle of the chest doesn’t allow that emotional or INSTINCTUAL access.

When allowed to express (usually in therapeutic situations or in private) the hurt child is comforted and nurtured. When opening the sub-conscious crying, possible shouting, moaning, even screaming can occur.  Obviously, I believe that only when we allow the hurt child expression, can we develop the unencumbered free child. I spent much time in emotive therapies, talk therapies, and group therapies in my 20’s and 30’s. I believe that every dollar spent was worth it. And I know how lucky I was to be exposed to the training in emotive therapies by Fritz and Laura Perls and Virginia Satir, Jorge Rosner and Daniel Miller.  

I have found people in the coastal states of the USA approving of therapies with a few pocket cities like Cincinnati and Chicago being points where there is little stigma to being in therapy. However, in most of the middle of the US, I have found individuals who are greatly embarrassed if they consider therapy.

May you find the help and support from family and community you need if your sub-conscious needs cleansing.

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