Day 17 of FREE to be YOUng: Breathe to Awaken Gut Level Feelings

If you are not doing abdominal breathing here is an exercise to help re-establish it.

1. Wear loose natural fabric clothing.

–I believe artificial fabrics prohibit chi from circulating through the areas of the body that they cover.  Almost every woman who removes a pair of nylon panty hose or leggings will sigh deeply when the last section leaves her toes. Why? It’s not only the pressure and the tightness that it is relieved. I believe the sigh comes automatically when the body is now free to receive healing natural energy the nylon blocked.

2.  Lie comfortably on your back if possible.  If that’s not working, sit comfortably in  a chair.

3.  Place you hand flat on your abdomen.

4.  Breathe deeply into the abdomen to raise your hand, continue filling the lungs to the top as deeply as you can. You may cough deeply since the upper parts of your lungs have possibly been neglected.

5.  Breathe out from the BOTTOM of the breath. If you need help, gently push with your hand to start the exhalation from the bottom to the top.

All opera singers and successful popular singers are trained to breathe this way to support their sound.

6.  Do this each session until this natural breathing begins to feel normal. 

And if your goal is to reestablish your gut level feelings/knowings and to build a loving relationship with your naturally inclined Subby, do these breathing sessions several times a week until you know you are breathing naturally from your abdomen. Then your Subby will be free to work for your freedom of expression and good choices for health and fitness.

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