Day 18 of FREE to be YOUng: A Pendulum and Your Subby Can Save Your Health and Life.

What is a pendulum?  For me it is the chain I wear around my neck with interfaith symbols that act as the weight when I hold it between my thumb and index finger. There are expensive beautiful pendulums made from gem stones that hang on chains. My chain works perfectly, doesn’t weigh me down and is always handy.

From Google: “Pendulums are often used as tools for spiritual healing and inner growth. Defined as objects attached at the end of a string or metal chain, when suspended from a stationary position, a pendulum will swing back and forth or in a circular motion.”

I use the pendulum only for matters of health and safety. It is not a personal Ouija board gadget. So questions like “Is Mo going to kiss Anna tonight?” and “Will I ever find love again?” are tempting questions for beginners to ask. If you ask such questions, you’ll probably get mixed messages. I believe the sub—conscious does not like to be bothered with inane questions.

So a pendulum is a weight on a thread, ribbon or chain that I use to give me a yes or no answer regarding living long and well. On issues of yes and no answers that I have in a vitamin store or grocery store or pharmacy I use muscle testing which is quick and easy. That is the topic for Day 19, tomorrow.

Most importantly, I use a pendulum to understand the earth’s energy currents in a room or on a property. Then I use that knowledge to decipher the best use the space and what areas to avoid. When I pendel for the earth’s currents I start the pendulum swinging in a circle.  Then I walk around the parameters of a room or property noticing when and how the pendulum changes speed and/or directions. My Subby talks with me through those patterns of swinging.  Here are the points I consider:

  1. If the pendulum maintains a steady swing around the parameters of the space, I know the energy is steady and reliable.
  2. I know when the pendulum swing becomes limp the energy is low in that spot.
  3. I know if the pendulum swing stops or wobbles that the energy is disturbed and then I check for the width and breath of the disturbance.
  4. When the swing speeds up or whizzes around horizontally (which seldom happens) I know that this is a spot for temporarily regaining energy. It is not a spot for resting or sleeping. If it swings almost horizontally the energy is too intense and can cause imbalance in the psyche.

I believe my pendulum saved me from serious health problems in a rental apartment I lived in for 9 years. The first night in the apartment I threw down a twin size mattress in the corner of the room away from the unpacked boxes that had just arrived from Europe. When I awoke I was exhausted.  And I thought, “Well, I’m unemployed. I’ve rented an expensive apartment. I’m changing countries. Of course I’m exhausted, I’m off the stress scale.”

The next morning I woke up exhausted and again I ran through my litany:  “Of course I’m exhausted, I’m off the stress scale.”

However, on the third morning I knew something was wrong. When I awakened I was more tired than when I went to sleep. So, I used my weighted chain and pendeled the perimeter of the room. What I found was startling. I had been sleeping in a two and a half foot negative energy swath that went diagonally across my entire bedroom, an 11 by 14 foot room. And in that corner where I had plunked the mattress the disturbed energy had been streaming across my throat, chest and part of my abdomen. What I found was that there was only one clear area in front of the window (not good Feng Shui) and two feet out from the closet doors that was large enough for my full-size bed that was arriving soon. That was where my bed was positioned for 9 years.  Even when I was in the middle of the bed my left foot was inside the swath. So, I learned to sleep on my side with a pillow between my knees, which in fact, is a very good position for sleeping. Luckily, my daughter’s room had only a three inch triangle of negative energy in the corner.

And through the year’s I gathered stories of condo owners who had been living in that column of apartments for decades:

There were three widowers who had lost their wives to cancer. The normal position for a king size bed with the wife on the right was destined to bring negativity to the wives’s energy fields.

Those widowers suffered from walking problems of different sorts. Their feet were exposed to the negative swath of energy.

And in one case, identical twin sisters shared the two bedroom condo. The sister who slept in the room above Laurie for many years, lived an active and even robust life into her late 80’s long after Laurie and I moved out of the building.   Her unfortunate twin who slept in the room with the large swath of negative energy had died of cancer a decade before we moved into the beautiful apartment. Her bed was still positioned in the spot where I had slept the first three nights.

So, I believe that the pendulum preserved my health and saved my life.

In the case of the people spending eight or more hours a day in the negative swath of energy, how could they recover? If you are receiving treatment for cancer and spending your recovery time in a negatively energized area, recovery is unlikely!

Earlier in Oslo, Norwegian friends asked me to check the energy in a house they were considering renting. Two months earlier there had been a triple murder and suicide in the house. They wanted to see if it would be live-able for their needs. In the case of the house with the murders and suicide, the murderer’s small bedroom was in the center of the house on a very notably energized and famous hill (since the 1500’s) above Oslo Center and it was TOO energized. That small room was violently energized. I believe the murderer didn’t know how to handle those forces of nature that had been influencing his energy for the three years he had slept in that room.  Energy-wise it was obvious that all of the departed souls had moved onward. My friends rented the home and joyfully served as nannies for my daughter when I traveled internationally. My daughter loved the villa. And the four fellows enjoyed several years in that beautiful villa overlooking the Oslo fjord. That small overly energized room served as an office.

There are many YouTube examples of how and when to use a pendulum.  

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