Day 22 of Free to BE YOUng: Look in a Mirror. Love and Appreciate Yourself

This exercise is the very beginning of learning to love YOU deeply and unconditionally.

This exercise has surely helped me numerous times to come to an appreciation of myself, love for myself and willingness to care for myself. I believe that it is impossible to stay fit and vital maintaining healthy attitudes if you do not/will not love yourself. This exercise has been part of the course of study in, at least eight different classes/workshops I have taken over the course of 40 years and 20 classes or more that I have taught over the years. When it is suggested in yet another training, I roll my eyes. Yet I comply and participate fully and at the end know that the mirror exercise has brought me to an even deeper level of self-love!

You only need a mirror, preferably a full size mirror and 10 minutes.  As you gaze at yourself for a minimum of 10 minutes say aloud either or both of the statements below to your image in the mirror.  Do not think, just begin and don’t stop until the 10 minutes are up.

I love that I … or my …

I am learning to love my …

For instance:  “I love that I am loyal.” “I love my love of learning.” “I love my ability to nurture others.”

“I am learning to love my wrinkles.”  

When you finish the mirror exercise, it is beneficial to write the list in your journal to reread and ponder. Yes, you can then also add to the list.

If you don’t have an empty book journal it is time to head to Ross, Barnes & Nobel or Amazon and get one! It is advantageous to keep a journal beside you in bed to write dreams and insights from your wisdom self.

There will be a week on journaling later in the year.

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