Day 24 of FREE to be YOUng: Gently and Wisely Care for Yourself

It’s difficult to live and prosper if you do not care for your inner child! It is even more difficult to live long and prosper if you do not care gently and wisely for your adult self.

Switched-on-Living by Jerry V. Teplitz, J.D., PH. D. with Norma Eckroate is a wonderful book to use as a reference to care for you. On the cover: “Easy ways to use the mind-body connection to energize your life.”  This book has aided me in being a Super-Ager. I recommend it highly. It can help you make wise and productive choices to care for you.  

Here are some of the ways that I take care of myself beyond which my parents inscribed in my mind with repetition:

I wear natural fabrics so my chi is not disrupted.

I stay as clear of electromagnetic fields as I can.

My bed is positioned so it is not on top of electrical outlets.

The speaker on my cell phone is my friend so the battery is not emitting negative magnetism into my brain. My pop socket allows me set the phone down more easily when chatting or viewing a video.

My cell phone is across the room when I am sleeping for the same reason.

I don’t allow my car to run out of gasoline on the road. If the warning light comes on, I fill up immediately.

I attend matinees so I can get out of DC before 8 in the evening. My drive home from theaters is too close to dangerous neighborhoods noted for drive-by shootings in the DC area.

I wear colors that empower me and help me feel good.

I do not listen to music that disrupts or fights my heartbeat.

And my list goes on…

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