Day 33 of Free to BE YOUng: You CAN Refuse Prescriptions

We are not under any obligation to take all of the prescriptions that the billion dollar pharmaceuticals would like our doctors to prescribe.

Two years ago I asked my dermatologist for a cream to relieve “burns” I get when I sit too long or wear unnatural fabrics (which almost never happens). Having learned my lesson the hard way with not reading the indications on the statins (day 31), I read to the very end all of the small print accompanying the salve.

The last sentence said the contents of this plain innocent looking little jar could in some cases cause death! Yes, death! I was so shocked and incensed that I threw the salve into the trash rather than returning it.

And I decided to stick to my natural healing methods of rubbing alcohol and Rescue Remedy Cream.   More on choosing natural healing tomorrow–

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