Day 34 of Free to BE YOUng: Have a Natural Healing Kit to Be a Super-Ager

Natural Healing is such a huge area of knowledge, folk lore and undoubtedly superstition. It can’t be covered here.

Through the years, I’ve listened carefully to my friends’ advice, purchased a few books that were classics and watched health news as it appears. Three books of the many natural healing books in my library are:  The Edgar Cayce Remedies by William A. McGarey, M.D., Macrobiotics, You Are All Sanpaku by Sakurazawa Nyoiti, and Be Your Own Doctor by Ann Wigmore, D.D.N.D.

She chewed a weed and it worked! The most amazing natural substance healing assistance I received was from a gloriously wise-holy woman who had served 30+ years as a missionary with her husband in Africa. She didn’t drive and we were both due in 8 hours in Connecticut and we were leaving together with my young daughter from New Market, VA. When loading my heavy teaching materials in the back seat, my foot slipped and my right shin slammed with all my weight onto the car frame. My hands were full so I couldn’t break my fall. I was crying from the pain and told Roswitha , “I don’t how I’ll be able to drive.”

As I hobbled and tried to stop the crying from my high level on the pain scale, I was stunned that she was calmly picking the favorite greens of the rabbits in my yard. Then I was more stunned when she started to chew them. She put the green mass into her hands and said, “It will be okay. We need gauze and tape to plaster this over your injury.”

I trusted this trained nurse who had learned natural healing methods in several cultures. I winced and limped upstairs and got the materials she requested. She pressed the saliva wetted plantain leaves across the wound and dressed it.  Within a minute I felt relief! I drove pain free to Connecticut.

Here is a video about plantain that explains more about this common weed. It mentions it as a healing rabbit food and its use as a healer of bruises. I’ve seen this wild plant everywhere I have lived in the USA, The Netherlands and Norway!

Later on during the drive she casually said, “Oh by the way, if you are in a city and this green is not available, just use cabbage in the same way.” I have done that numerous times and it always works.  

My childhood home contained these natural remedies:

Peppermint oil (in hot water for upset stomachs—Oh, how I hated it!!!)

Castor oil as a laxative

Iodine for cuts

Peroxide for cleaning wounds

Rubbing Alcohol for lots of reasons

Noxema for relieving sunburns

Kitchen vinegar was used for turning severe sun burns into instant bronze tans

Vicks for rubbing on chests with coughs, stuffy noses and steaming sinuses

Epson salts for soaking in the bathtub when muscles with overextended.  

And now amazingly I think: Witch Hazel which was used as a facial cleanser BUT before I had an important piano performance my mother would put cotton pads damp with Witch Hazel   over my eyes and have me lie down. I now know this relaxation opportunity was really an induced meditation. She instructed me to imagine playing perfectly- and I did (Beats the hell out of practicing another hour!J)

The iodine and peppermint oil are gone from my home.

My home is never without these natural remedies:

Vitamin E for relief of burns and for soothing skin.

European friends turned me on to Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies and they are an essential part of my natural healing routines.

Bach Rescue Remedy in lozenges, cream and drops. (The drops are always in my purse for a pick me up or in case of shock or falls/accidents.) I use and purchase other Bach Flower remedies as needed.

Arnica cream for bruising and Homeopathic tablets of Arnica.

A Homeopathic First Aid Kit is wonderful for families—since I am kinder to my body now in many ways, I no longer stock this.

Thieves aroma therapy oil from Young Living Oil and Thieves lozenges. Two drops of the oil on the bottom of my feet before sleep often stop extreme exhaustion and the feeling of a cold coming on. Sometimes I think Thieves lozenges can scare can bug away. They are helpful with intense bronchitis and sore throats. And in case it comes around again, Thieves Oil is good for the black plague. Research it!

My favorite aroma therapy essences are:

Lavender for allergies, relaxation, and inducing sleep.  It’s a substitute for moth balls which are poisonous. Lavender is a deterrent for moths and works brilliantly. 

Rosemary and orange for a lift in energy and joy. Most of my bath and shower gels are made of these invigorating scents since I shower in the morning.

Rose and Frankincense for deep meditation, subtle healing and refinement of energies.

Tiger Balm for neck aches (I use a quick fix Feldenkrais Exercise now so my Tiger Balm is quite cracked and old.)

My Virginia Beach friends in the 1970’s turned me on the Edgar Cayce Remedies and they are too numerous to mention. These are my standbys:

Pure Castor oil (from a health food store not the pharmacy!) for skin irritations, relief of coughs, ear aches, sore throats (on the skin) and more… Because I might only use a tablespoon a month, it stays in the refrigerator.

Aura Glow (Almond Oil) for massages, soothing and smoothing the skin, preventing stretch marks (easy at 30 more challenging at 78).

IBSAB for gum health.

Glyco-Thymoline (It’s folk lore and a hush, hush in “VA Beach” to know that three or four drops in a glass of water relieves mucosity with allergies and sinus infections. Shhh, and yes, you drink it.) It’s normally a gargle for sore throats and a gargle. It’s not for consumption!

Emergen-C for electrolytes (better than those ghastly artificial looking and tasting sports drinks)

And of course I have the usual found in most homes: Epson Salts, Witch Hazel, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, apple cider vinegar, etc.

I use Papaya  Enzymes or Trader Joe’s Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes as a first aid substance when I don’t eat wisely and have acid reflux. This supplement “cures” acid reflux in minutes!

Neosporin is not natural and sits in the medicine cabinet as a first aid antibiotic ointment!

What are your standbys?

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