Day 36 of Free to Be YOUng: What I Wish I Had Known About Supplements at 45

Forty-five seems to be a time when the body seriously decides it is aging. Here is some knowledge I wish that I had known at 45.

1.  At 45 years of age our bodies need more collagen. Two years ago I had difficulty swallowing my supplements and I thought how strange. I was reading all the talk of the outer skin needing to be plumped up with collagen and then realized: “Wow, my inner throat skin and my very inner human silver skin needs to be plumped up with collagen also.”  Literally within four days of taking this supplement, swallowing was easier. I’ve taken it since that time. It is also obvious to me that my body would have enjoyed being supplemented with collagen at 45.

2.  I wish I had known that I was doing a wise thing for my pale complexion by taking 3000 mg of Vitamin C a day. That amount of Vitamin C was keeping my crow’s feet and wrinkles from deepening. I listened to friends saying you are just pissing that extra Vitamin C away and went back to 1000 mg a day. In retrospect I realize that when I stopped my old routine my face started to look older. I developed deeper wrinkles what I now call my crevices. 3.  I wish I had known that 10,000 mcg of Biotin and one Brazil nut for its zinc daily would have given me a full head of hair. At age 50 my hair was very thin. Now with these two supplements my hair quantity suffices at 78.

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