Day 37 of FREE to Be YOUng: Do Eye Circles to Stay Loose and Flexible

The concentration the next few days is on eye exercises. These exercises were part of the curriculum in three different training’s that I took in meditation, ministerial preparation, and healing at all levels.  As mentioned the first week, many older folks have a great deal of rigidity in their eyes and therefore, I believe lose mental, physical and emotional flexibility.

Fear is often held in the muscles around the eyes. If we are startled our eyes respond. If we are afraid our eyes widen. If we feel love our eyes soften. So in the fascia around the eyes there are emotional memories that are locked into place. We can unlock these stuck emotions with eye exercises.  I don’t recommend massage unless it is very very tender.

I’m convinced that doing eye exercises the last 44 years has added to my fitness and vitality. The most important eye exercise for total well-being in my opinion is Eye Circles. If I don’t do the whole set in the morning, I do some between piano students or at three minute stop lights. This particular eye exercise brings alertness, awareness, flexibility to the entire body and may possibly work out “stuck emotions” from earlier in our lives. If you breathe a sigh of relief as you finish, know that you released tension that wasn’t serving you! And if you follow the breathing instructions, you will experience 20 alpha brain wave breaths which cause deep relaxation. It’s a mini-meditation.

Here is the exercise: 

  1. Stand with your mother’s approved posture. You may want to hold on to the back of a chair for support.
  2. With your eyes focused downward sweep them slowly in a half circle to the left and up to the top while inhaling slowly and deeply.  
  3. Now, sweep your eyes in a half circle to the right and down while exhaling slowly and deeply.
  4. Repeat 9 times.
  5. Then with your eyes focused downward sweep them in a half circle to the right and up to the top while inhaling slowly and deeply.
  6.  Then sweep your eyes in a half circle the left and down while exhaling slowly and deeply.
  7. Repeat 9 times.

You may notice that there are areas of the movement that go smoothly and there may be areas where there are glitches in the movement of one or both eyes. The ultimate goal is for the movements to become smooth and effortless. You might get flashbacks of memories as the movement of your eyes become freer. You eyesight might also improve.

After 44 years of doing this exercise, I still have a small area in my circles with a tiny glitch. It used to be about a fourth of one of the sweeps where my eye felt like it jerked along the path of the circle. As this area loosening up after a year, I noticed the glitch became smoother and affected only an eighth of the sweep. Now after many years, if I skip a week the glitch is briefly there. And I know that the exercise is gently working out some long held trauma that hasn’t come to memory. Through the years, there has been a progression of emotions as the glitch is working out: first up-tightness, then fury, then anger and now minor unease.  

This isn’t the set of eye exercises I was hoping to find on YouTube and these are helpful:

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