Day 38 of FREE to Be YOUng: Near-Far and Nearer-Far, Two Valuable Eye Exercises

This first eye exercise is called Near-Far and the second eye exercise is Nearer-Far. It develops a quick focus of attention. That is valuable at any age! I certainly learned this skill as a survival technique when I lived in New York City and Brooklyn from ages 28-35. Being totally aware of activities in our environment is a plus. (Ahem, as opposed to the cell phone using pedestrians who walk in front of cars! The buses in my community have sight invasive flashing yellow beacons that warn texting drivers and pedestrians that there is a bus coming.) This exercise is part of the Bates Method of improving eyesight. It is usually included in what I’m beginning to call the “keeping fit” Qigong circle exercises often taught in meditation/healing training’s.

Please note: The skill of this exercise is almost always part of the technology brain games for seniors including games to combat senility.

Exercise One:  Near-Far

  1. Stand facing the longest visual distance you can manage.  A mountain top would be perfect.  The window or yard you have with the widest and longest range of vision will work. A view over an ocean is probably not the best. It is good to have a specific focus when you look away rather than rolling waves.
  2. At a full arm’s length hold your thumb in front of your nose. 
  3. Focus your eyes on your thumb and then quickly focus far away and then focus quickly back to the thumb. Vary the pattern of where you focus far away. Repeat this far away and back to the thumb focusing.  I change my pattern of eye focusing every time I do the exercise to avoid getting into a rut. As said before, I believe eye flexibility helps with physical, mental and spiritual flexibility. Do not forget to look straight up, back to the thumb and to look straight down, and back to the thumb.
  4. Do approximately 12 changes in focus.

Exercise Two:  Nearer-Far

  1. Again, stand facing the widest and longest visual range of vision you can manage.
  2. Now move your arm position with your thumb twelve inches in front of your nose. Your thumb might look fuzzy.
  3. Repeat the looking far away and then looking back at the thumb. Do not forget looking straight up, back to the thumb and looking straight down, and back to the thumb.
  4. Do approximately 12 changes in focus.

That’s it. Happy focusing. Happy flexibility.

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