Day 39 of FREE to Be YOUng: The Figure 8 Eye Exercise for Right-Left Brain Communication

This exercise quickly gets the right and left hemispheres of the brain cooperating and communicating. (It might not last long—and the exercise might need to be done several times a day for someone who is extremely logical.)

Piano playing is one activity where the two hemispheres of the brain must communicate effectively. As a piano teacher, I demonstrate this eye exercise at least once a week. Even though my right-left brain functioning has worked for piano playing for decades, I still sigh and relax automatically after each demonstration. Our methods of public education in the states and in most of Europe train the left brain more than the left brain. It is challenging for most piano students when they need to play two different staves with uncoordinated notes with both hands.

This quick eye exercise instantly creates right-left brain communication (which might be short lived and need repetition). At the beginning it may seem difficult especially if the brain hemispheres REALLY need cooperation! One of my friends who had studied the Bates Method for improving eye sight had put bright stickies’ in the shape of a large figure 8 on the back of her bedroom door, so she could follow them easily. If this exercise is difficult to do that of course means you need to do to it more often: possibly morning, noon and night at the beginning. Once you are comfortable with the directions, it takes less than a minute to do the entire process.

  1. Again stand tall.
  2. Imagine a large figure 8 about ten feet in front of you the size of someone 7 feet tall.
  3. Trace that figure 8 three times with your eyes. If you need to use your finger to do the tracing, that is okay.
  4. Now reverse that tracing. Go the other direction three times.  I stop at the middle for my reverse cycle.
  5. Then imagine the figure 8 is lying in mid-air in front of you and trace it one direction three times.
  6. Again reverse the movement of the eyes and trace the figure 8 in the opposite direction.

There is much controversy about right-left brain dominance and communication. Here is an article discussing that controversy.

I find it interesting that this shape of the double helix just recently known to science is also the shape of the double Vajra held in prayer for centuries by holy people in the East.

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