Day 41 of FREE to Be YOUng: Palming the Eyes, Helping Your Eyes Relax

Help your eyes relax by palming them. I have been shown “palming” several times in the speed exercise version. I n the past I have normally done palming for 40 seconds at the end of the eye exercise series. First rubbing my hands and then placing them over my eyes and absorbing the heat and energy of the two minor chakras in the hands.

Greg Marsh appears to be an expert on the Bates Method. He explains my old way of palming is very short of ideal. The shortest time Greg suggests in the video link below is two minutes. I shall palm longer!

Here is his relaxing and detailed description on palming on YouTube. It is meditative. He has a gentle voice and manner and speaks in the speed of alpha waves. “Let Your Eyes Remember How to See Clearly” is the goal of palming. Just watching a few minutes of the video will be inspiring.

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