Day 42 of FREE to Be YOUng: Depulso! Banish Neck and Shoulder Aches Instantly! Abracadabra!

You can banish neck and shoulder aches quickly without saying Depulso! or Abracadabra! My in-home masseuse with hot healing hands moved out four years ago. I miss those loving hands when I have a neck and or shoulder ache. However I can get rid of the ache instantly without Aleve! My daughter has been using these eye movements to relieve her neck and shoulder aches caused by technology usage for several years. You may need to repeat them in a series of three to four times which actually takes less than a minute.

The well-chosen glances take just seconds to do and are almost always instantly of aid.  I use these eye exercises wherever I am nobody really notices fortunately or unfortunately. This the eye exercise I use at long traffic lights when I feel a neck ache coming.  And you know these glances just might relieve other aches and pains also that I haven’t noticed. Feedback would be interesting!

You may recognize these quick glances of the eye. This is another application of the exercise given on Day 40 for increasing flexibility and well-being. In that series they were steps 4 and 5.  In this application they can be done in a standing or sitting position.

  1. … turn only your head to the left. It will be facing past your left shoulder.  Keep your head turned that way and do these three movements of your eyes. A.  Look up and right for two seconds. B.  Look mid-right for two seconds. C.  Look down and right for two seconds. Then return your head to front and center.
  2. Now, reverse that … Turn only your head to the right. It will be facing past your right shoulder. Keep your head turned that way and do these three movements of your eyes. A. Look up and left for two seconds. B. Look mid-left for two seconds. C. Look down and left for two seconds. Then return your head to front and center.

Now, it is time to do all of the eye exercises in a series.  They only take a few minutes and will bring comfort, relaxation and as the Bates Method proponents proclaim:  Help us regain and maintain better eyesight.

The eye exercises shared this 6th week of the blog were always part of a series of exercises I was taught in workshops on healing. Three trainings that I took in 70’s, 80’s and 90’s all taught the same “circle” exercises which included the same eye exercises. These circle exercises I consider basic Qigong exercises and unfortunately I haven’t found them on the internet. (I found lots of circle exercises just not the ones I was looking for.) The circle Qigong exercises when done alone take about 15 minutes. They release the entire body’s long lines, have kept me fit and vital and quickly revivified me when ailments felt eminent. When the weather changes and my video skills increase, I may demonstrate them on YouTube.

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