Day 43 of FREE to be YOUng: If God Is Our Parent, We Are Child Gods!

Let’s Get Spiritual:  Spiritual context changed abruptly for me in 1975 when I started to study with Paul Solomon, New Age healer, lecturer, psychic and creator of Inner Light Consciousness.

To Paul’s question to an audience, “Is God your Father?”

The answer was, “Yes, of course.”

“Are fathers different species from their children?”

The audience answered, “Of course not!”

“Then if God is your Father, and you are the same species, then you are a small God growing up and learning to be a big God. Right?”

The stunned audience would then say, “Yes!”

The first time I experienced this question and answer response in Paul’s Inner Light Consciousness (ILC) opening lecture, I felt stunned, then relieved and then exalted. I finally understood the mystery in my heart! A piece of spiritual reality had always felt missing in my church experiences I realized that first evening that I am a child God growing up to be an adult God. And—with this understanding it is not unusual that every day and in every way I want to become a better being.

And so for forty-four years I have experienced that “God”—The Source of Love and Light and Creation is within me and not outside me. This knowledge has taken away a feeling of helplessness. I no longer wonder am I begging a father over my trivial needs. And because we are family, I talk (in prayer) to my Father and to my Brother, Jesus. I talk to Mary as Mother. Sometimes I talk with and ask for assistance from revered Christian Saints with specialties I want to understand and imitate. I also call upon successful “sparks of Light” that are emissaries of Love and Truth and The Way in Buddhism and Hinduism.  

Most of the day I am in self-talk or inner prayer to be in the right frame of mind to assist others or to create the order, beauty, truth, harmony, joy and peace in my life that I want and need and deserve as a “Child of the Most High.”

In the same lecture there is an explanation of “The Source of Creation” being lonely and creating the Big Bang to have company. The Big Bang created sparks of light and everything in creation is a spark of Divine Light (or collection of many sparks). I do believe that we are each a spark of The Divine.

I believe that as a spark of The Divine it is my mission to glow and “grow up.”  With The Creative Source Within I dedicate myself each day to create a more beautiful reality for others and myself.  This philosophy inspires me to “live long and prosper” as a Super-Ager.

All of this has led me to have two ordinations as an Interfaith Minister. One is with the Fellowship of Inner Light in Virginia Beach and other is as a Healing Cheraga (female minister) of The Inayati Sufi Order.

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