Day 44 of FREE to be YOUng: The Curriculum to Be a Grownup God, Part 1

As in the last blog, I shared that I was inspired to realize in the Inner Light Consciousness Introductory Lecture that since God is my father I have to be of the same species.  Therefore I am a child god. Yes, we each are a child god. We all are–unless maybe you have “grown up” and made it into Oneness.

The workshop included 10 distinct areas of knowledge with experiential sessions helping “child Gods” mature in word, thought and deed.  The ILC course was shortened from 10 evenings to two weekends in 1977. The original manual I unfortunately tossed away. As far as my Perfect Memory is working, this is the content of the first evening’s lecture.

Night 1: “Who Are We and What Are We Doing Here?” A lecture that expanded on the fact that we each are beings of light and children of God. The lecture also included information on a healthy diet. The circle exercises for clearing blockages out of the energy field and increasing chi were taught.

And there was a question and answer session. Almost always the question of “How do you know your life’s purpose?” came up. Getting an astrology reading and or numerology reading was suggested. Paul encouraged all of the ILC guides to help people identify their most difficult lesson in life and discuss that in partnership. Then have the partners explore together what the greatest lesson to learn would be and how that could be applied to a life’s purpose (not necessarily a change in profession.)

For me it was easy.  My parents’ communication patterns were dysfunctional.  My communication had been dysfunctional and had caused me great pain. My need was to study family therapy and clear communication and to correct my own patterns of dysfunction. And that had been my life’s purpose.  I worked as a family therapist and teacher of healthy communication before I took the ILC workshop. And as an ILC guide the next step was to help people communicate more clearly with their Inner Teachers.

Some of Paul Solomon’s lecture are available on You Tube. I have lectures on each of the 10 sessions of ILC and several others that I plan to post on You Tube in the next few weeks.

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