Day 46 of FREE to be YOUng: Using Your 5 Inner Senses to Receive Papa/Mama God’s News

Day 46 of FREE to be YOUng: Using Your 5 Inner Senses 
to Receive Papa/Mama God’s News

What You Need to Know to Be a Grownup God, Part 3. Lecture and experience of the Meadow in Night 3 of ILC:

Create and Experience a Meadow: A place to practice using the 5 inner/subtle senses.

The practice of using my 5 inner senses in this meadow exercise increased my internal and external life in many ways. It has added to my ability to Super-Age by alerting me to prevent illnesses and mishaps in relationships and professional life! And it has given me greater confidence and joy in the deliciousness of life!

The Divine (Papa/Mama God) communicates with us through these 5 inner senses. So, practicing using the 5 subtle senses daily in this meditation meadow experience is extremely valuable in building the tools we need as adult Gods. This tool helps us learn to communicate directly with our Inner Teachers and God the Father/Mother.  Practicing using the senses in this inner world of meditation assists us in receiving those oh so subtle messages from The Divine.

So, how is this accomplished? Create an ideal imaginary meadow in the preparation for meditation and then “practice” daily to:

See textures and colors of the interplay of the 4 elements–earth, water, fire/sunshine and air carrying the weather. See the flora and fauna in your meadow.

Smell flowers, herbs, fruits or berries, the fur of friendly animals, the aroma of the brook, etc.

Hear the sound of movement on grass and stones or gravel. Hear the call of animals and the sound of running water through the brook, etc.

Feel the texture of the earth beneath the feet, the moisture or lack of it on the skin, the quality of leaves and grasses and flowers, the fur of friendly animals, etc.

Taste herbs, edible flowers, berries, fruits, the water, etc.

I am a clairsentient. I feel the messages of my Inner Teacher and The Divine. Even as simple as receiving an inner message of knowing when I need to grab a jacket or sweater. Or when I “feel” or just know where I am needed or what I need to avoid.

As a healer I usually feel in a client’s auras where they need healing or I actually feel their pain until I can help relieve it. I know other healers who hear where clients need healing, either by direct wording or by inner sounds that they have learned to interpret.  And of course, clairvoyants see where people need healing. I have experienced different tastes in my mouth as warnings or alerts. Different atmospheres give off different aromas. In Oslo in both of my early apartments there, people would smell roses and experience peacefulness as they entered. There were no roses and no rose oil in use and I was developing my inner relationship to The Holy Mother. The only explanation I could give was that the Holy Mother’s presence left that scent of roses.

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