Day 47 of FREE to be YOUng: Never Be Bored Again! The 1st Chakra.

God’s Our Father, We’re the Same Species, So What We Need to Know to Be a Grownup God, Night 3 of Inner Light Consciousness. A Lecture and Experience of the 7 Chakras.

The ILC teachings on the 1st chakra changed my life greatly. Before ILC I experienced boredom nearly daily. After the explanation of this red chakra of sexuality and excitement for life and each day’s curriculum I have seldom and really almost never been bored. Being excited and staying excited about life is what Super-Aging is about!

So after the first step of creating the meadow at a base of a mountain in our internal meditation world, we began to create a 7 terrace mountain aligned to the 7 chakras to prepare for the “real” meditation. Today the topic is the:

1st chakra:  Red for Excitement for Life

Paul Solomon chose to present a typical Hindu rendition of the chakras in ILC.  Even within Hinduism there are many different philosophies in the ordering of the chakras. The ILC philosophy was that this 1st chakra was located at the base of the spine, the color associated with it was red and it was associated with sexuality and excitement for all of life.

Paul suggested that we each feel as a child at their best birthday party ever when we experienced the 1st chakra.  And if we couldn’t feel it, fake it until we felt it. I quickly learned to feel that excitement when I meditated in the red terraced garden just up from the meadow mentioned yesterday.

Also included in this lecture was that there is nothing ever accidental in our life. Now, that’s exciting! The Inner Teacher is with our need for growth and development every second of the day. If we are alert to what the learning and experience is, we can never be bored because every second is preciously designed for our benefit. Every person we pass on the street, every incident that happens is part of the day’s curriculum for becoming a grown up God. So, how can we possibly be bored when we know that? And as we take more responsibility for our godliness, we become more aware that every thought we think creates our realities and changes the curriculum as we work with the Inner Teacher!

My favorite slogans for creating, taking responsibility, and working on my growth and development are:

I am creating, peace, joy, truth, harmony and beauty every moment of my day!

I am an example of de-Light to the world.

Everyone and everything prospers me now.

Wishing you excitement!

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