Day 48 of FREE to be YOUng: What AM I Doing?

(Cont.: God’s Our Father, We’re the Same Species, So What We Need to Know to Be a Grownup God, Night 3 of ILC. A Lecture and Experience of the 7 Chakras.)

The ILC teaching at the orange second terraced garden invigorated and disrupted my life positively. Since I had been involved with different kinds of talk and experiential therapies for years, it was not unusual for me to ask myself the 2nd chakra questions: “What am I doing, thinking, and creating now? How do I choose to create a better life?” In each preparation for meditation the question could not be avoided.

2nd chakra: Orange for Regeneration.

1. Decide which of your actions, ideas and emotions you would like to stop generating.

2. Choose new actions, ideas and emotions for a healthier and happier life.

So in the meditation preparation at the 2nd chakra, after asking yourself: “What am I doing, thinking, creating now since my last meditation?” It is useful to actually imagine dumping those bad habits in a compost heap. Then as you walk away in meditation imagine affirming new action, positive thoughts and creating a better life NOW.  And that prepares you for the 3rd chakra experience which will be blogged tomorrow.

The Brahma Kumaris use a similar method of self-inventory. In the early 90’s I was invited to be a facilitator at a week-long conference on “Lifelong Learning” at their campus in Rajasthan, India. The Brahma Kumaris are a spiritual group that was founded in the 1930’s in India. I have had the good fortune of knowing many of the practitioners of this group. Every morning after breakfast and on the way to the next activity a loud chime would ring throughout the campus. Everyone stopped whatever they were doing wherever they were and internally asked the question, “How have I been living my life since the last meditation or the last chime?” Then each person would silently make a decision for creating more beauty and spirituality in their life. The chime also rang before the afternoon work or study schedule began and also before the evening schedule began. This is basically the same spiritual step as is taught in ILC at the 2nd chakra.

As I googled the Brahma Kumaris I was shocked by the many references to the organization being a cult. It always seemed to me that the rules for participation in the organization were carefully outlined and stringent!  I never considered joining the group other than for combined Inter-faith Activities. It was clear to me that with their very strict set of rules, I would never be a good Brahma Kumari.  I also wouldn’t be a good Catholic nun! Here is a rather clear reference to the Brahma Kumaris:

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