Day 49 of FREE to be YOUng: Choose Joy, Passion, Charisma and Truth

The yellow chakra is about joy and truth and has added that to my life. The steps we take to decide on new ways of being at the 2nd chakra just follows through to this chakra. The goal is to experience a lightness of being and to take steps toward a new life each time we meditate.

 3rd chakra: Yellow for New Life

In English mysticism this is considered the chakra of intelligence and power.  I consider this fire chakra, the chakra of our choice of emotions and hopefully refined thinking. People who choose destructive thinking and who choose destruction emotions, values and actions misuse the power at the third chakra. These bullies need to make other people wrong and search to find ways to make themselves right.  

Those who choose “to play games of equality” create a better world of joy and truth for themselves and others.

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