Day 50 of FREE to be YOUng: Our Most Intimate Relationship

(Cont.: God’s Our Father, We’re the Same Species, So What We Need to Know to Be a Grownup God, Night 3 of ILC. A Lecture and Experience of the 7 Chakras.)

My introduction to my Inner Teacher through Inner Light Consciousness was life changing, life enhancing, and moved me quickly toward my life’s purpose. At the fourth terraced garden a green glade, we meet and talk with our Inner Teacher. I describe the Inner Teacher as my purest Soul Expression. This meeting in the green garden is a point of pure love, acceptance and stillness from the rattle of daily life. It is life affirming and life changing.

4th Chakra:  Green.   A Place to Meet Your Inner Teacher, other titles for this Inner Teacher are Heart Self, Higher Self, Real Self.

This is at the 4th chakra, the heart chakra. It is here that we create and then in each meditation we revisit this sacred space to talk to our purest essence. This is the time and place to open the heart. This is a place for deep conversation for whatever is on our minds. We as individuals most probably have ego problems. AND our Inner Teachers do not have ego problems.  So everything can be talked about frankly and openly!

Then for a few minutes during meditation it is suggested that we melt into and meld with the Inner Teacher—becoming One.  If we are brave enough, we can continue that Oneness after the meditation for as long as we can tolerate it. Of course, the ultimate goal in this quest of learning how to be a grownup God is to be one with the Inner Teacher at all times.

I’ve not talked about the journaling for the other chakras discussed this week.  However, if you do nothing else in journaling but write a heartfelt letter to your Inner Teacher each day or even once a week, I can guarantee you that your life will change quickly.

It is good to take notes in the journal about the 4th chakra chats with the Inner Teacher! There have been times when miracles happened in my life after a chat with my Inner Teacher. And too often when I didn’t take notes, I went around afterwards bumbling and asking myself, “How did I work that miracle with my Inner Teacher?” I too often forgot my magic formula of how I asked for the beneficial result.

In learning to be a grownup God is it good to know how to create and replicate miracles!

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