Day 51 of FREE to be YOUng: Is that Message Instinct, Intuition or a Naughty Spirit?

(“Still Cont.”: God’s Our Father, We’re the Same Species, So What We Need to Know to Be a Grownup God, Night 3 of ILC. A Lecture and Experience of the 7 Chakras.)

5th Chakra: Blue for Deeper Communication with the Inner Teacher

My life has been brightened and made more interesting, safe, secure and healthy by the idea that I could communicate with my Soul Essence. The 5th garden of blue is the “coffee shop” meeting place to practice communicating intimately with the Inner Teacher. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my Inner Teacher and I could talk all day long and not just in meditation. So I send and receive messages from my Inner Teacher on all kinds of topics. There are not only warnings, ideas for the blog now, directions to drive, people to call, bills I’ve forgotten to pay, etc. These messages from the Inner Teacher arrive through the crown center!

WARNING: If you are hearing an inner message—check out where it is “arriving”. We can get messages from our sub-conscious, our Super-Conscious (Inner Teacher) or from some lost mischievous spirit (too often a drunk or drug addict who is avoiding the Light and didn’t go to the Light upon death).  See footnote below.

1. If the message is felt in the gut, it is an instinctual message from your sub-conscious. It is probably a survival message to be accepted.

2. If the message is arriving through your crown center, it is Divine in nature. (If unsure, just pause, breathe deeply and check out if the message can be received quietly while entering through the crown center.)

3. If a message is arriving at the back of the neck, (Where you feel the goose bumps when a creepy or negative entity is around), it is NOT Divine.

The journaling at the 5th blue terraced garden is this: You’ve written a journal letter to the Inner Teacher at the 4th green garden. Now it is time, to take journal and pen in hand to listen internally and write the answer or letter back from your Inner Teacher. Many students of ILC have gulped and stammered at this idea. However, there is not a better way to learn to listen to the guidance from your Inner Teacher. It is a sacred experience and one that later will be translated to an ongoing dialogue when you are ready for that!

Messages: Instinct, Intuition 
or a Naughty Spirit?

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