Day 52 of FREE to be YOUng: Creating Reality with Every Thought We Think

(“Still Cont.”: God’s Our Father, We’re the Same Species, So What We Need to Know to Be a Grownup God, Night 3 of ILC. A Lecture and Experience of the 7 Chakras.)

6th Chakra: Indigo or Lavender. Taking Responsibility as a Child God.

At the 5th chakra there is a dedication of “Not my will but Thy will be done.” Here at the 6th chakra that fulfillment and dedication to Divine Will is done with surrender. When I first built my lavender garden it was intimate and small and I was extremely resistant to surrender! As I worked with the garden, it expanded over time as I became more willing to surrender to Divine Will. I also became aware that I was actually creating my reality by EVERY thought that popped into my head. Thankfully, I began to take more and more responsibility for my thoughts and emotions and actions. I also began to slowly get the glimmer that passionate thoughts became “prayers of the heart.” And even when these passionate thoughts were not spoken aloud, they came true more often than “namby-pamby” prayers. That fact is a fascinating phenomenon to observe.  And, yes the understanding of all six of the chakras covered so far and the meditation thoughts at the ILC gardens have created a more fit and vital life for this Super-Ager!

At the 6th terraced garden we accept the responsibility that we are creating our experience by every thought we think. We are creating our reality by every thought we think. Not only that, our thoughts are affecting the reality of everyone in our sphere. Alcoholics Anonymous used to say that we affect 17 people around us. With technology, I dare say we affect many more people than that!

The beginning step of taking responsibility is to own our thoughts and actions that shape not only our reality but the state of the world around us.

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