Day 53 of FREE to be YOUng: I Have Infinite Power, When I Am in Absolute Harmony, with That That Has Eternal Duration

(“Still Cont.”: God’s Our Father, We’re the Same Species, So What We Need to Know to Be a Grownup God, Night 3 of ILC. A Lecture and Experience of the 7 Chakras.)

7th Chakra: White: I have Infinite Power, When I am in Absolute Harmony With That That Has Eternal Duration.

This terraced garden is white and overlooks a large vantage point from the top of the mountain that has been imagined and created in meditation in the ILC Experience of the 7 Chakras. Working with this garden, this mantra and the feeling of Divinity which comes for moments at a time has spurred me to Interfaith Studies, a deeper faith and love of The Divine. This fills me with hope of more vitality, aliveness and Realness! There are several steps here at the White Garden.

  1. Basking in White Light to feel purified
  2. Declaring the 3 highest beliefs: “I have Infinite Power” “When I Am in Absolute Harmony” “With That That Has Eternal Duration.”  These are the top 3 beliefs of the Trestle Board in English Mysticism. I’m quite sure those are the top three beliefs of most religions! Living those 3 beliefs is the job requirement of an Enlightened Being, a Christed Being, a Buddha.
  3. Cleansing in a pool of water (mikvah) to prepare for entering the presence of The Divine, with the next step in ILC, Building a Temple.
  The Top Twelve Beliefs on the Map of Consciousness
  A Lecture by Ruthann Pippenger
  Based on Gurdjieff’s Work through Arica,
  A School of Scientific Mysticism
  Adapted from “Pattern on the Trestleboard”
  by Paul F. Case and other sources.
1.  Infinite Power is mine now.
2.  I Am One with the Source of Creation that creates and sustains the
3.  I experience Divine Harmony
4.  In thought and deed, I rest my life upon the sure Foundation of
Eternal Love and Light.
5.  The Eternal Love and Light is embodied in my flesh.
6.  I contemplate the perfect realization of the Eternal Beauty of the
Source of Creation.
7.  Divine Justice permeates the circumstances of my life.
8.  Divine Wisdom takes form in word and deed through me.
9.  Moment by moment I am led by Divine Guidance along the path of
10.  From the exhaust-less riches of Unlimited Love, I draw all my needs both spiritual and material.
11. Living from Divine will, supported by Divine Wisdom and Under-
standing, my life is Victorious.
12.  Divine Love is mine to give and to receive.

Other References (quite intense!)  

A bit Star Wars like or Harry Potterish:  

An interesting Mantra and mudra based on the Trestleboard:  
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