Day 54 of FREE to be YOUng: “BROADCASTING”: Speak Words of Encouragement

Day 54 of FREE to be YOUng: “BROADCASTING”:  Speak Words of Encouragement

With this too-simple-to-be-believed tool, you are allowed to speak to and to influence your child’s subconscious until the age of seven. To “broadcast” to a child under the age of seven:  speak words (internally or externally) of encouragement and character building aloud or silently to the child’s sub-consciousness. It is best to “broadcast” as they are falling asleep—the sub-conscious is more receptive at that time. As a parent or guardian you may work with any personality quirk or dis-ability to help the child. This method can be used by parents for the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual development of their child or legal charge until the age of seven. After that age, a child is responsible for her/his own actions.

An ILC classmate told me about broadcasting when she found out that my three month old daughter was not sleeping through the night.  I was haggard from Laurie awakening throughout the night.  After two five minute sessions of broadcasting to her, she started sleeping through the night, each and every night! What a relief.  We both enjoyed a full night’s sleep. Quickly I was convinced broadcasting would work for my daughter on many levels for many years bringing us both vitality and physical, mental, spiritual fitness.

Broadcasting nightly to my daughter became a sacred ritual and I continued until she turned seven. I was always one step ahead of her development. At each stage of her development I would say a silent affirmation just as she fell asleep. I chose an affirmation that encouraged and empowered her. It went something like this: 

“Laurie, you are a child of Light, a child of God, you are loved by God.  You are now learning to crawl.  You are creeping beautifully and soon you will be crawling and having fun.  This will be easy for you.” 

I found this very reassuring and fulfilling to know that I could work with her unconscious mind and empower her to faster development. Amazingly she walked at eighteen months and developed much faster than other Down syndrome diagnosed children.

As I relive it now to share with you, I remember these moments as intensely loving pauses of tender gentleness that aided and strengthened my commitment to help Laurie thrive and prosper. When I was teaching internationally I would take the moments to suspend whatever else I was doing to broadcast to Laurie at her bedtime. I knew I was communicating with her at a deep spiritual level. Although sometimes my head would spin with getting her bedtime correct. It was hardest when teaching two thirds of the way around the planet.  

A mentioned earlier, as a parent or guardian you may work with any personality quirk or abnormality to help the child. Laurie started biting playmates at age two. I think it was because she couldn’t make herself understood. She quickly stopped biting other children when I started broadcasting to her that she could be understood in gentler ways. If you are a parent or guardian of someone under the age of seven, I encourage you to use broadcasting to help that child through any challenge.

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