Day 55 of FREE to be YOUng: Be Safe: A Prayer to Protect Yourself Anytime and Anywhere

This prayer even though simple and clear is magical. I have set the stage for this prayer by discussing our birthright as a child god. The opening line is: “With the God that is within” note that is not “Dear Outside God, I’m begging you to help me.”

The prayer originally referred to as “the House Prayer” was channeled by Paul Solomon for a family who was at their wits’ end from dealing with a VERY possessed daughter.  A demon with cat shaped and golden eyes would take over this 12 year old girl several times a week. The parents and brothers needed a prayer to send that spirit packing. And so this prayer was the answer to that family’s need. As a family therapist I did a session with the family. The demon appeared for about 5 minutes.  I observed the gravelly voiced demon with golden eyes with vertical pupils. I vaguely knew “the House Prayer”. So, I called on Jesus with great emphasis. The demon disappeared quickly. I vowed to learn the prayer and use it before therapy sessions and in lecture halls.

I have used this prayer for 42 years. I use it daily. It provides an atmosphere of well-being. Plus I use it to assist troubled students and any time I feel the need of protection. Feeling safe makes life more vital, peaceful and comforting.    Good for Super-Aging!

Here is the prayer.  It can be adapted and made appropriate for any religion.

The House Prayer or Prayer of Protection

I suggest using the prayer every evening before sleeping.

With the God that is within I bless this room.

I command that all disease, disharmony and draining of energy be gone.

I command that only that which can tolerate the Light and the Presence

of Jesus the Christ be here.

In the name of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit. Amen!

Examples of the prayer working protection and a comfortable environment:

I began experimenting with the prayer after I saw the demon mentioned above.  I quickly started to use it daily because it brought a sense of security and safety. As I discussed this with my close friend she decided to experiment with the effects of the “House Prayer” also. She was being treated as “only a lowly child care person and cook” in her communal home after deciding to stay home with the commune’s children. Her request for more respect in house meetings usually worked for only one day. She started using the prayer around the house in secret. In one day the prayer made a difference. The people who went to the office daily to do “important spiritual work” instantly started treated her with the same respect they had when she worked with them in the office a few months earlier.  She noticed the prayer seemed to hold for one day. On days she forgot to use the prayer she was person non-gratis again. Her decision to use the prayer daily created a more loving respectful feeling in the home for everyone including the toddlers! We both became advocates of popularizing the prayer.

The prayer is a protective prayer not just a house prayer as one of my clients, an office manager, discovered the first day she used the prayer at 8:00 am before anyone else came into the office. The bothersome drunken assistant who arrived at 9:30 a half hour late, quit and walked out this first day the prayer was said in the office—no firing was necessary. The drunk couldn’t tolerate the blessed atmosphere.

A board of a non-profit let go several senior and junior executives who were hurting/abusing partners in business a few weeks after a co-worker started using the prayer.

A male partner of my friend/student/colleague stopped using cocaine and sleeping with prostitutes and shaped up. He married my friend as she was pregnant then with their third child. They have been happily married two decades now and the house prayer is said daily.

A hurt almost deranged teenager stopped doing and dealing drugs in Norway and became a serious spiritual student. His mother owned the home where he lived and as an owner she had the right to say the prayer in her property. Mom wasn’t necessarily happy with his spiritual choice. And it was better than worrying about his death from drugs or other dealers or jail time.

One cold father/husband “suddenly” became and stayed attentive as the wife continued to use the prayer.

Another friend reported that her drunken ex-husband entered her foyer one evening but couldn’t enter any other of the rooms where she had recited the prayer. He kept attempting to step into the living room and the kitchen and his foot just couldn’t get over either threshold!  She forgot to say the prayer in the foyer so he could get that far into the apartment. Obviously after that experience, she always said the prayer in the foyer also!

I said the prayer and an angry woman with a false distorted agenda could not enter my house.  She knocked at the door. When I opened it, she sputtered at the door looking confused. She then gave an excuse why she didn’t have time to discuss her complaint and walked away. All I needed to do was pray this prayer of protection when I heard her car door slam. She later called with an apology for taking a selfish view of my rightful actions.

Please note that if a person’s complaint is true and honest, they will be able to enter!

I use it with autistic kids who talk to themselves.  When I bless the room with the prayer the student is able to listen and to stop talking to the invisible being/s (possibly other entities). And whatever spirit is messing around in the student’s head leaves at least when they are in the teaching room with me.

For your comfort and ease, both of which add to longevity, I wish you blessings with this prayer.

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