Day 59 of FREE to be YOUng: Creating More Ease in Our Lives

I live in a condominium. I slept in late on July 4, 2018 and while drinking my morning coffee I noticed a dark wet spot in the corner of my living room. And the questions immediately were:

Is it my leak and is it going to the apartment below me?

Is it a common pipe building leak?

Because it wasn’t coming from above I knew it wasn’t from the condo above. This leak and the repairs it necessitated dominated my life for several months. This incident was stressful and didn’t feel like it was keeping me fit and vital. Although I certainly learned a great deal about remediation, insurance companies, the need to stay vigilant and to watch every step. There were numerous lessons on dealing with my condo association and leaders, etc. So, I can agree there were new challenges that kept me mentally and emotionally alert.

However, further learning in this area is not on my wish list for life enhancement! And so I added the following prayers to my daily ritual to create ease in my life.

May I not harm anyone’s property and may I not harm my property.

May my property not harm others or me. May my property not harm anyone else’s property or my property.

May my property not be hurt by an act of nature and may I not be hurt by an act of nature. (I prayed this for the first time on a day of a hurricane warning. I then decided to keep it in the litany! At this point, I also pray for my daughter’s safety.)

These prayers shared over the last 3 days provide me with a great feeling of safety and security, and EASE adding to my Super-Aging process.   

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