Day 62 of FREE to be YOUng: More Blessings! This Time– Our Food and Possessions

Most of us, in whatever religious tradition we have been raised,  might have been or are in the habit of blessing our food. My favorite food blessings are songs.

Here is The Johnny Appleseed Song, most of my friends only sing and usually repeat the first verse for our food blessings. We end it with a very long “Alleluia!”

Here is a very sedate version of the Inayati Sufi grace, Nazr,  that can be sung to many different tunes in many different states of joy and thankfulness.,

If you are interested in longevity and spirituality you probably have your own favorite way to bless your food. However, do you bless your possessions? I know in my experience my possessions last longer and serve me better when I bless them and treat them nicely. We and each of our possessions are filled with moving atoms. Each of those atoms I believe responds to our thoughts. My beloved 13 year old Toyota Corolla runs smoothly, quietly, comfortably and reliably. She has been blessed many many times, usually each day.

Blessing new items I find a must and there is a Buddhist prayer (a mudra and a mantra) that I use for those items. You may want to create your own blessing for each new item in your life.

And walking past the computer, printer, cell phone, refrigerator, stove, dish washer, car with a blessing to all of those swirling atoms is wise.

A Norwegian student was giving me a ride and her car door wasn’t opening and closing correctly.  She was cursing it and hitting it violently. I said, “Don’t you think the door will work better if you bless it rather than curse it? 

She looked at me with a very puzzled look. She sarcastically said, “Are you kidding?” 

I said, “No, I use that technique all the time.” I teased her and blessed the door and asked it to forgive her for not treating it nicely.  We had a giggle.

At our next stop she blessed the door and it worked perfectly. She looked at me and grinned. Lesson learned.

Blessing possessions won’t keep them running forever. Although blessing possessions I’m convinced will help enhance their functioning and lengthen their longevity or Super-Aging. Therefore blessing possessions will probably cause us more ease.

And we need to remember that more ease aids our Super-Aging!

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