Day 63 of FREE to be YOUng: “Live Your Life like a Meditation”

While living in New York in the spring of 1974 I moved from only concentrating on the studies of mental health therapies. I began to study meditation. That immediately made intense changes in the way I lived my life and provided a path for becoming a more dedicated Super-Ager.  Although consciously becoming a Super-Ager was not my mind.

I was privileged enough to attend a lecture by Jiddu Krishnamurti at Carnegie Hall on April 28, 1974 (Isn’t Google helpful?).  The one line I remember from his lecture was a suggestion that felt more like an edict: “Live your life like a meditation.” Krishnamurti shared that he had achieved that goal and that he hoped those of us in the audience would be able to achieve that goal.

I was a neophyte in meditation. The phrase invited me and confused me. And I vowed to myself that I would learn how to do that.  A few days later I started the 40 Day Course at Arica, A School of Scientific Mysticism. We did many types of meditation: skrying with colors, skrying with candle light, skrying with flowers,  skrying with mandalas, a 20 minute standing meditation (ouch!), walking slowly in circles indoors, chanting while sitting, chanting while walking slowly outside for an hour each day for one week, honey dancing meditations, listening to music while lying down with specific pressure points folded over each other,  complicated rhythmic patterns of stepping ala Gurdjieff, and just plain sitting in meditation. We used chants from ancient religions and Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

We spent hours (20 minutes at a stretch) looking into each other’s left eye breathing deeply. That exercise is called Tres Pasos. Doing that I learned to see auras. I saw past lives of my Tres Pasos partners pass in front of me. I experienced being a Mandingo boy with the man across from me as my Mandingo father. When we processed the experience we discovered that we both were experiencing the same “illusion”. He and I also saw ourselves as a devoted elderly Canadian couple in the early 1800’s in our remote cabin when he held me as his aged wife was dying.  

Another Tres Pasos partner was a tall gangling young man who remembered being my Russian father from my last lifetime. I saw him as a stern grey-bearded man who towered above me and dominated me in every aspect. I felt the emotions as a Russian girl promised into marriage to a handsome man and then realizing soon after our marriage that he was a homosexual who spent as much time as possible in his hunting lodge with “buddies”. I experienced myself ascending the wide staircase at the Summer Palace in St. Petersburg before ever seeing a photo or film of it.

And after all of that variety of meditation, I had no idea what living your life like a meditation would be like. However, this week I have realized how much time I spend in alpha brain waves speaking slowly and how much time I actually spend in prayer and blessings. I am beginning to understand and hopefully realize Krishnamurti’s message to live your life like a meditation. Doing so creates Super-Aging. 

Krishnamurti achieved Super-Aging. He died in 1986 at 90. The life expectancy for USA males at that time was 76.6 years.

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