Day 64 of FREE to be YOUng: Create A Place for Meditation

Obviously from my other posts, I believe meditation changed my life and has aided me in Super-Aging. If you are new to meditation, know that it is wise to create a sacred space in your living environment to meditate. If your home is large, there could be a separate meditation room.  If your home is small, a special cushion for the floor and a candle or statute or picture as a focal point may suffice. Or even a chair used for other purposes may be used. I meditate on my TV lounge chair these days since sitting half lotus is not as comfortable as it was for 70 years.

If you are lucky enough to live in Rome or Madrid or another large primarily Catholic city with small churches and chapels every other block, you can pop in for your meditations without anyone disturbing you. I love vacationing in large European cities where churches are open and available for prayer and meditation many long hours of the day.  And from the amount of people sitting in contemplation, the local residents seem to enjoy the atmosphere of their local “temples”. Unfortunately, most churches in the United States are locked during the day.

The spot you create in your home for meditation can be used for several types of meditation. However at the beginning stages, meditation for relaxation is the key. When we slow our brain waves and our breathing down, it is purported that we enter a state of regenerating our cells. That is certainly a benefit for Super Aging.

In the Inner Light Consciousness class mentioned in Weeks 7 and 8 of FREE to be YOUng  participants were guided to actually visualize building a beautiful temple. That perfect temple for contemplation and meditation was at the top of the White Terrace mentioned on February 22.  

I include here suggestions for that “Separate Reality for Meditation” if you wish to create a temple.

  1. There is a sign outside the temple announcing: “The Lord is in His Holy Temple. Let all the earth keep silence before Him.”
  2. There is an altar to focus the attention upon entering.
  3. There is a brazier for cleansing by fire for purification.
  4. There is a spot for meditating.
  5. There is a large window that can be bathed in white light to be used for healing from that vantage point.
  6. There is a large library for opening and researching the Akasha Records and to train in psychic skills.
  7. Other rooms can be created for learning and practicing new skills in meditation.

I wish you peace and wisdom.

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