Day 65 of FREE to be YOUng: Your Past + Your PRESENT = Your Future: The Hall of Records

Yesterday the topic was meditation for relaxation. That surely aids Super-Aging. The formula in the title of the blog today also enhanced my life. I don’t consciously think of the formula each day. However, my ideal is to create peace, joy, truth, harmony, beauty and delight in each situation in my life. That ideal put into action creates my future.

The second type of meditation introduced today is for learning and expanding consciousness. Point 6 yesterday mentioned working with a separate reality temple to use in meditation where you can create a large library for researching the Akasha Records. This Akasha Record Library holds all the information from the beginning of time into the future.

One of the first steps is to enter the library and take out your Book of Life and peruse it. Scan the early part of this life. Scan the future.

BUT when any one of us scans the future there is a formula to remember:

Your Past + Your Present = Your Future

So, if today isn’t what I want—I need to “correct” my life today. I can correct my thoughts, negative emotions, beliefs, and decisions and actions! When I choose positive harmonious thoughts of respect my life becomes better instantly. And I change my future!

With your book of life you can also scan back into past lives if you believe in them. And know that same formula worked then. We are each in our present situation because of the formula. So, if I do not like my present karma, I can change today and I will change the future!

Enjoy building a wonderful future of Super-Aging and peace, joy, truth, harmony, beauty and deLight.

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