Day 67 of FREE to be YOUng: Psychic Gifts

Meditation and the Inner Light Consciousness (ILC) workshop brought more gifts than I wanted! When we meditate regularly two things usually happen: 

  1. We open up emotionally.  Our subconscious becomes more vulnerable and therefore more of a reliable message giver. We become more real.
  2. Our superconscious gains insights and knowledge about our life and those around us. We become psychic.

The Tres Pasos exercise (mentioned in the posting on Day 65) was acceptable to me because the information I gleaned about past lives, auras (dark and light spots indicating health), etc. came because of the exercise. Now in ILC I was being taught to enter other people’s books of life with their permission through an exercise. FYI: We are only allowed to look at another person’s book of life with their permission or if a guardian or if a parent of someone under 7 gives permission.

I was wiggling and uneasy in the lecture and the exercise. I felt more than fear! Fearful trepidation gagged me. Riding home on the New York subway after that first book of life reading for someone else I inwardly screeched, “I didn’t ask to learn this!  I don’t want to learn this!” I now know that the gagging feeling had to do with being hung as a “witch” when I practiced as a psychic healer in Europe centuries ago. Years later as I entered for a reading, a psychic friend said, “How many times does one soul have to be martyred?” I have remembered many lifetimes when I was slain for being a healer. Male priests could do healing! Today March 8, 2019 is Women’s Day! There were no women’s days in the early days of the Catholic Church!

I do enjoy being psychic– knowing what I need, knowing what my daughter needs, and knowing what good friends need. As a spiritual guide/coach I did a series of “unbidden” readings for close students and friends as they sought answers to prayers of their hearts. Those readings are called The Blue Dakini Readings.  I plan to collate these readings which contain classic wisdom into a book entitled “The Dance of Life”.  They have helped my life become easier and more fulfilling. They are easy on the heart and soul and in a lovely poetic pentameter.

A warning about curiosity and the subconscious mind: Traipsing around in some eager stranger’s book of life out of their curiosity still does not appeal to me. I do “readings” as they come to me when there is an authentic need. I never agree to search an Akashic record out of curiosity. The person seeking such information may not be ready to assimilate that knowledge!

I once had to pick up the pieces of a Dallas Socialite who had been shattered by a curiosity psychic reading. She had asked a psychic to tell her why she was so attracted to classic primitive boats still in use on the Nile River in 1980. The reading disclosed that she was a very proud owner/user of such a boat. However, in that lifetime she was an evil male sailor who had secretly drowned a brother. The lovely Socialite received no counseling to help pick up the pieces after she learned that she had led such a despicable lifetime. Five years later, she asked if I could help her resolve her self hatred regarding that lifetime. She worked with me to help her understand the motivations of her sailor self. She forgave herself and asked that brother’s soul to forgive her. She also asked other ancient Egyptian family members to forgive her. At the end of the session she acknowledged that she needed to  continue to look at her “greedy nature”. She wrote a note a month later saying she was finally at peace and that she would never ask for a reading out of curiosity again!

Our subconscious reveals memories from our childhood or from past lives as we are emotionally mature enough to deal with those memories for our soul growth. Memories should be peeled back gently layer by layer as onion ring by onion ring. When this socialite asked for that reading out of curiosity, the reading tore through the layers of protection over her subconscious. She was not ready to deal with her greediness and a past murderous nature at the time of the reading!

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