Day 68 of FREE to be YOUng: Perfect Health Definition

Healing the self and others was a large section of the Inner Light Consciousness class. What I learned there has brightened my life and allowed me to create self-healing many times over 44 years. Here is that definition of Perfect Health: 

“Perfect health is having the symptoms you most need

to learn the lesson your soul is in most need of learning.”

This confirmed an experience I had had a few years earlier.  I was sent by my department director to a “schmoozing” hospital cocktail party to represent our Day Hospital program at North Richmond Hospital on Staten Island, New York. As director of Group and Family Therapy, I followed directions to dress conservatively like the female psychiatrists, to be contained and traditional and NOT to discuss methods of pop psychology that we were using.

When I arrived home I was beginning to get a sore throat. And I realized that I had gagged myself for the department and for my boss. I forgave myself and decided I would never do that again under any circumstance. When I awoke in the morning the sore throat was gone. So, the lesson I needed to learn in that case was to be authentic and true to myself.

This definition is well worth posting on the bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator or better yet–in your perfect memory. Many diseases can be stopped just as the symptoms are beginning!

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