Day 69 of FREE to be YOUng: Healing Readings for Others Near & Far & for Self

My experience in the ILC healing lectures and exercises inspired me to take several studies in healing. I dabbled with many healing modalities in the New Age Movement in the 70’s and the 80’s. I gleaned valuable techniques and ideas from each class or workshop.

Finally in the early 90’s I settled on Polarity training while living in Norway. The training took place at a mountain resort over 10 extended weekends in two years. Each day felt like a spa experience: Qi Gong in the morning, an exciting lecture, and then a chance to give the treatment and a chance to receive the treatment and time to process those experiences. I am thankful for Unnolv Bjerknes for organizing and directing that training with The International School of Polarity Therapy and for the articulate, compassionate, patient, knowledgeable trainers Morag Campbell and Phil Young. Thirty years later I use methods from that training at least once daily to keep myself fit and vital. Polarity Therapy definitely has aided my ability to be a Super-Ager!

The original ILC training in healing included:

Self-healing which was introduced and practiced by running meditation light through all of the body’s systems one system at a time. This was greatly helpful for awareness and learning the ability to catch a beginning health threat at its onset. 

Healing readings were done with class-mates knee to knee and palm to palm—left palms to right palms. We practiced running healing/light energy through each other’s bodies.

Healing readings for people in a different location were also practiced with their permission. I do send healing daily to people afar and I do not do formal readings as such.

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