Day 70 of FREE to be YOUng: You Can Get What You Want

You can learn to get what you want. Paul Solomon called the process of manifesting with the God within as Precipitation. Yes, we can learn to “rain” blessing/benefits on, around and or about us.  The more we claim our Child of God status the easier this is. I use precipitation often, possibly every day for minor things. The raining of blessings happens faster with a bolt of lightning, a “cracking” of passion and commitment in the ordering process. 

I once raged for 15 minutes after someone, who thought they were in authority over me, told me who would be sharing my apartment in community. In the privacy of a car with a good friend I raged for 5 minutes with, “I don’t need” and “Laurie doesn’t need” declarations to God! Then I raged (strongly ordered) “Dear God, I need” statements.  When I was finished I realized that I had not dared to think about what my daughter and I really needed. I had not believed that I could get perfection.  When I calmly returned to the spot of the original trigger an hour after lunch, the real boss and my Inner Teacher gave me exactly the solution I needed for a perfect apartment mate. This person fit my passionate precipitation exactly. She was young, vital, slept normal hours, didn’t use drugs, was open, honest, clear thinking, a great healthy cook, a fabulous positive and creative nanny who respected and empowered my 4 year old daughter. Plus she only had a backpack and a box of possessions so she didn’t overwhelm our living space.

We can get what we want. We do in fact get what we ask for.  If our wishes, requests, demands are not coming true, we might be erasing the wishes with one of these thoughts: “Oh, I don’t deserve that!” “Oh, God doesn’t really love me enough.” “I’m not ready.”, etc. Or, we might be giving a double message (order) to God/Universal energy. We might be ordering one thing and then crossing out that order by ordering another thing. Being unclear is a detriment to precipitation. We might also be too wishy-washy. The times my wishes came true in minutes—yes, minutes–happened when I expressed great passion. And be careful what you ask for in a fit of great passion! It will come true! Be exacting with your request. I plan to attach my hour long audio lecture on this topic in the weeks to come. Here are the beginning guidelines for this process of getting what you want:

  1. Create Two Columns:  List What’s Wrong or What’s Missing on the Left.  List What Is Wanted on the Right
  2. Be clear and precise.
  3. A good friend taught me to:  date the page, add the date the request is wanted (like a new job),  add—“This God or better”, say thank you to God/Universal Love, then sign the document.

The greatest book on this subject that I have known is: Catherine Ponder’s, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. She is a Super-Ager at 92! Here is a connection to her home page.

Catherine Ponder Home Page,

Here is a link to affirmations:

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