Day 73, FREE to be YOUng: In Dreams–Become the Thing You See

In the Gestalt theory of dreams everyone and everything in the dream is an aspect of you. Role-playing the characters and items in my dreams has been a helpful process for me that has often broken through impasses in my growth and development. Therefore, it helped my growth and development and brought satisfaction—adding to my wanting to be a Super-Ager!

Role-playing a person or item in the dream is exciting and often times jarring to do in a group of friends who can offer kind/honest observations and feedback.  And role-playing does work when you are alone. This improvising works just like it did in kindergarten. You imagine and become the tree, or bear, or grocer, or pilot, etc.  You become the thing you see! You move like the item or person or animal. You find the appropriate voice (mice and lions have very different voices!) and most importantly while Gestalting the dream: YOU TELL THE DREAM FROM THE CHARACTER’S OR THE ITEM’S PERSPECTIVE. When I have done this, there have been four or five versions of the dream.

My most memorable dream items that I have Gestalt-ed because of their weirdness have been:  a hammer, a locomotive, a tiny mouse and a furious lion. The lion and mouse were in my dream together—obviously I had to find a middle ground between aggression and placating for effective living. Oh, and a villa as large as a palace. I would dream of these elegant endless rooms one or more times a year. After each villa dream I would feel that I was living in a favorite suite in a separate reality.

The last time I had this repetitious dream it was more extensive than ever before. I traveled on congested highways with curving overhead passages through the city and actually saw the neighborhood from the outside of the villa for the first time. I met other people living in the villa who had moved with their large family into one of my favorite gigantic rooms!

After this version of the dream, I decided even though I was alone that I would Gestalt the dream.  I spent time becoming every room and many of the objects in the rooms. I also became the congested highway and the long hallway.  Interestingly enough after that thorough investigation of the dream I have not experienced the dream in the last three years.  That Gestalt session aided me in claiming my multi-dimensional view of life, my love of elegance, tradition, a varied and sometimes hectic city life, and my need for safety, stability and security within all of that.

Hoping you try this method and find it useful.  Kids might want to do some role-playing with you.

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