Day 74, FREE to be YOUng: Brightening Our Lives with Color

Understanding the deep and meaningful meaning of colors I think changes everyone’s life for the better. I’ve studied the topic so often that it feels elementary. This reference gives more of the typical meaning of colors generally and in application to dreams:

The colors in our dreams can also be related to work needing to be done with the chakras. Inge Ås has a book on this topic of colors and the meaning of chakras written in Norwegian.

Colors have added to the beauty, comfort and expansion in my life. In Arica, the School of Scientific Mysticism we wore a different color every day that coincided with the planetary assignments of the days:

Monday, white or silver for the Moon

Tuesday, red for Mars

Wednesday, blue for Mercury

Thursday, yellow for Jupiter

Friday, green for Venus

Saturday, black for Saturn

Sunday, orange for the Sun 

Since I wear neutral colored pants almost entirely, my tops are hung in rainbow order in my closet. If I dream of a color in a positive manner, I will wear that color. Otherwise, I choose the color that “feels” right for my day.

More on colors:

The Waldorf Schools (Rudolph Steiner) have a different color coding:

Another reference:

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