Day 75, FREE to be YOUng: Numbers in Dreams, the Bible and Mysticism

Numerology changed my life, creating mystery, knowledge and understanding. In late 1973 a psychic in New York was reading for me and kept writing the number 4 over and over on a pad she was holding in her hand. When she finished talking she saw this, by then, a very dark 4 and told me that 1974 would be a great year of spiritual growth for me.  And it was. It was the year I turned 33 1/3 and began to uncover the challenge by Krishnamurti to Live Life like a Meditation. Later in the year, I’ll spend a week on how numerology has changed my life and that mystery of turning 33 1/3.

Since that session mentioned above, I have been interested in numbers where ever they appear, in addresses, in birthdates, in the Bible, in dreams, etc. Just as with colors, there are very basic assignments of meanings to numbers.

My most amusing dream concerning numbers happened as I was beginning to take ownership of having my own spiritual organization/school called Peace Through Understanding. 12 of my students insisted after attending a 30 day retreat I directed and taught that I should lead my own organization.  They assured me they would help me establish it and serve as board members. I was doubtful and resistant! My dream:

I awaken within a dream and look down. I’m surprised that I have 9 nipples on my chest and abdomen much like a bitch dog. I thought how strange. This is new. I then go into the bathroom and lift my arms above my head. Then I see that under my left arm there is a 10th nipple.,

Upon awakening for real,  I realized the dream was assuring me that I had enough nipples or “spiritual juice to nourish people” in Peace Through Understanding. The 10 symbolized the 1 of leadership and the 0 lifted the #1 to another higher level or initiation. I knew that this was a sign from my Inner Teacher that I was ready and able for the task to lead a nonprofit spiritual education organization with my friends. Normally I used my #2 Destiny as teacher, guide and counselor. This indeed was an initiation for me to take on leadership, innovation, and being a visionary.

Basically the numbers mean:

1, leader, beginning, standing alone/and or out front

2, partnership, helping, guiding

3, creativity (the partnership of 1 + 2 gives birth)

4, structure and boundaries, rules, regulations, discipline

5, sensuality, sexuality, anything to do with the body and the five senses

6, family and small group/team cooperation, coaching, parenting

7, spirituality, the ivory tower effect, Divinity in motion

8, large group cooperation, executives often have this number around them as they help different departments and segments of an organization/business interact in harmony

9, endings, conclusions, fulfillment, accomplishment, often the number of helping the total society and community

0, a 0 on the end of the number usually means a graduation or initiation into that arena of activity.

As in the 40, days in the Wilderness, 40 years in the Wilderness, 40 days of lent. There is a cleansing process, a commitment of structure and discipline from the 4 with the ideal of spiritual growth and initiation from the 0.

11/22/and 33 since they are doubled are considered “master numbers”.  Respectively: 11= perfect harmony and symmetry, 22= cooperation for the greater good of society. 33= universal creativity.

12, is considered a perfect number, it symbolizes Divine/God’s power and authority, as well as serving as a perfect governmental foundation. It can also symbolize completeness—the signs of the Zodiac, the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 apostles, and hundreds of other examples.

13, is the number of magic and power, the initiation of 10 + creativity. 

Jewish Cabalists have analyzed the Hebrew Scriptures using a technique called gematria, which looks for a hidden code in the numerical equivalents of letters.  And from googling this, it is very complicated!

A Biblical reference to numbers:

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