Day 78, FREE to be YOUng: At Age 33 and 1/3 God Makes You an Offer

My interest in and the study of numerology began when I was 32 years of age and received the reading from the psychic, Barbara Leskovitch, who kept writing the number 4 on her pad as she spoke to me. She was telling me how important 1974 would be for me spiritually and for my growth and development.

She did not tell me that was the year I would be turning 33 and 1/3. However, I’m sure it was because of her encouragement that I indulged my budding interest in meditation and enrolled in several odd courses for a family/group therapist.  After devouring Paramahansa Yogananda’s book, The Autobiography of a Yogi, I took a course entitled, “Mediation, Numerology and The Group Process” at G.R.O.W. (Group Related Ongoing Workshops). I took a dream class with Clara Flagg mentioned on the Day 72 posting. Four weeks after my magical age, I enrolled in a 42 day course at Arica, A School of Scientific Mysticism. And five weeks after my magical age, I heard Krishnamurti at Carnegie Hall when he gave the “edict” to “Live Your Life Like a Mediation”.

It was four years later that I heard Paul Solomon share about English Mystics who study the numerology of the Bible. These mystics hold dear the knowledge that Jesus fulfilled his life purpose at age 33 and 1/3. Paul stated that many mystics believe that God makes an offer to each of us at age 33 and 1/3 that will guide us in fulfilling our life’s purpose.  The story is that God’s offer comes within two weeks or less than a month on either side of that date.

This was fascinating news to the group studying under Paul. Four of us were older than that age. And when we looked back, we could see that we each had accepted the invitation and changed the course of our studies, our occupations and the course of our lives. Those in the group, who had not yet reached that age, marked this phenomenon in their Perfect Memories.  

When I have coached people approaching that age who are meditators and interested in the purpose of their lives, I alert them of the date. A co-worker who was deeply into her very large and active Baptist Church celebrated her 33 birthday.  I shared with her to be alert because God would probably make her an offer in four months. She took note. And one Monday four months later she said, “Ruthann, guess what happened yesterday?” And I said, please tell me. “I was offered the role of deacon at our church. They never offer it to someone as young as me. It is a wonderful honor and I accepted.”

Several of the students who studied to be Teachers of Meditation and Healers in The Peace through Understanding four year school in Norway, started at that age.

To me one of the saddest tales of woe is when I hear a person in their 40’s and 50’s lamenting. “I don’t know my life’s purpose. I don’t what I came here to do.”  Of course, one answer to that is to correct any harm you might have created. Do no more harm. Be kind and good. Strive to be one with The God Within!

If you have passed the magical age of 33 and 1/3, please review your life and see if you remember the offer and if you accepted it.  I believe it is never too late.  You can accept the offer now and get busy!

If you are approaching that age, may I suggest that you mark your calendars and stay alert.

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