Day 79, FREE to be YOUng: Your Personal # and Calculate Your Personal Day #

Knowing how to find my “personal day number” has added fun, purpose and some structure to my life through out many years.  I don’t think about it so often these days. And for years, I did note the number of my personal day and plan compatible activities which made life more relaxing and enjoyable. And that aided Super-Aging!

Here is how to start:

  1. FIRST: Find your personal number: Add the # of your birth month to the # of the day of your birth.

Example: My birth month is 11. My birth day is 13.  11 + 13 =24.   I reduce them to get one #.

2 + 4 = 6. My personal # is a 6.  

  • THEN:  To find your personal day #. Add your Personal # to the actual # of the day of the month.

Today is the 20th. Always reduce double numbers to 1 number. 20 then equals 2.

2 (the actual day) + 6 (my Personal #) = 8.  This is an 8 day for me. It is a great day for dealing with finances and large groups. As soon as I finish writing this, I am off to the bank.

On Day 84, I will discuss what happens if you live with someone or several people who are on a different numerological rhythm. My daughter’s personal day is a 5 and mine is a 6.  Her rhythm is always one day ahead of me. We always desire different activities every day. This fact drove me wild until I made a compatibility activities chart for our different rhythms when she was 14 years old.  I kept that chart posted on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door for years.  The purpose of the chart was to keep her happy and to keep me peaceful. And it worked!

Here is a brief guideline to help you can choose compatible activities on a personal day:

On a 1 day, plan or start new projects.

On a 2 day, devote sometime to taking care of self, someone else or one special relationship.

On a 3 day, have some fun and do something silly and/or artistic. Be creative.

On a 4 day, restructure something in your life or reset boundaries.

On a 5 day, enjoy something physical, or new or do a day trip.

On a 6 day, concentrate on your family and the small groups around you.

On a 7 day, it is time for worship, contemplation, a retreat and or meditation.

On an 8 day, reconnect with large groups and deal with financial planning.

On a 9 day, tidy up and finish project or get involved with politics.

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