Day 80, FREE to be YOUng: Your Personal Month, Your Personal Rhythm

Day 80, FREE to be YOUng: Your Personal Month, Your Personal Rhythm

Adding your personal day’s # to the # of the month = your personal month’s #.

Knowing monthly rhythms has been beneficial for me. It has made life easier and therefore aided Super-Aging. From ages 34 to 60 I actively planned much of my year around my personal month numbers. Most people vacationed in July, I knew that was a 4 month for me and I would do best to work hard. So, I often taught a 30 day retreat during July. November and February are 8 personal months for me. They were my most successful months for booking private sessions and having full enrollment in workshops. Now, they are the months I usually attract the most piano students. October and January are 7 months for me, so I would plan meditation workshops during those months or spiritual studies.  August as a 5 month was the perfect time to vacation. As I have aged, the rhythm of my personal month #’s seem to have become automatic for me.

Again, here is how you can calculate your personal month. To get the # of your personal month, you will need your personal day # discussed on Day 79.  The list of what to expect in your personal month is listed at the bottom of the blog.

            Your personal day #  +  # of the month = your personal month #

Here is more on how I have used this technique. It is March now, so I add the 3 for March to my personal number 6 and get 9. A 9 month is a good time for finishing projects.  It’s a time for tidying up.  Thankfully I have two 9 months in a year, March and December, I use them for clearing my slate for new activities. Because January is a #1 month universally when added to my personal # 6, it becomes a # 7 month. So, I go from a # 9 month in December to a # 7 month in January, which does seem a bit odd and that’s the way it is.  

As mentioned earlier, #4 is my personal month number for July. So my personal # of 6 + 7 for July = 13 = #4.  It is always a month of long hours and hard work for me.

April is a #1 month for me.  I often started jobs in April or received invitations for teaching in new areas of the world.

Below is how to best utilize your personal month.  It is not so different from the personal days—except you have a full month to concentrate on a numerical rhythm.

In a 1 month, this is a time to plan or initiate new projects.

In a 2 month, take care of yourself, nurture someone else, start counseling, or concentrate on one special relationship.

In a 3 month, let loose, have fun and do something silly and/or artistic. Be creative.

In a 4 month, this is a time for structure, discipline and hard work. Reset boundaries.

In a 5 month, it is a good month for vacationing and traveling, enjoy something physical, enjoy new activities or do a day trip, get a change of scenery.

In a 6 month, this is a month for coaching, parenting, caring for a small group, concentrating on your family and the small groups around you.

In a 7 month, take extra time for worship, contemplation, a retreat and or meditation.

In an 8 month, this is a good time to apply for jobs and to earn extra money, reconnect with large groups and deal with financial planning.

In a 9 month, this is a time to tidy up and finish projects or get involved with politics and your community.

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