Day 81, FREE to be YOUng: Your Personal Year

Being aware of the rhythm of the personal year numbers has been helpful for me to understand life’s changes. Resilience, understanding and adjusting to fluctuations are aspects for Super-Aging. I hope you enjoy finding out your current year. And you might want to start a chart of the years.  Tomorrow we talk about 9 year cycles.

On Day 79 the discussion was of personal day #’s.

Our personal day # = the total of the day and the month of our birth.

On Day 80 the discussion was of personal month #’s.

Today, Day 81 the discussion is on finding the personal year #.

The personal year # changes each year. The total of the numbers in this year 2019 = 3. 3 is the Universal Number of 2019.

To find your personal year #: add the # of the current year (3) + your personal #.

Using myself as an example: My personal # is 6.  (My birthday is 11/13. November adding up to 2 and the day of birth 13 adding up to 4.  2 + 4 = 6, my personal #).

So, I add my personal # 6  to 3 the total of 2019 and I get a 9.  I am in a 9 year. Oh, woe is me! They are not my favorite years. I do need to remember that they may wipe the slate clean for re-awakenings in a 1 year.

Working with the numbers of the years has aided me by helping me adjust to and understand rather wild fluctuations in my life. In fact, this blog I am committed to throughout 2019, this personal 9 year, is helping me clean up and understand much that has happened in my life.

I studied briefly with a few numerologists and I read several books. Please accept my apology for not remembering the reference for this analogy: The 9 years in a cycle can be compared to gardening.

In a 1 year, you fantasize, plan, investigate, visualize and think about the garden (lifestyle) you want to create.

In a 2 year, you get busy working with the soil and planting the seeds of your garden. You initiate the plans for your lifestyle in a 2 year.

In a 3 year, the plants and the weeds are not up yet far enough to need attention.  This is a year you can relax a bit and enjoy the garden (lifestyle) you planted.

In a 4 year, the plants need separating, some need to be moved, the weeds need to be hoed out of the garden. This is a busy year tending to the lifestyle you have created and are in the midst of living.

In a 5 year, the heavy work is done and you can sit back and enjoy watching the garden grow.  You can also do transplanting and rearranging of the garden and actually take some time off. Your lifestyle might get transplanted!

In a 6 year, you need to stick close to home (and family). Your garden may need watering, the early harvest is coming in, and you can begin to reap what you have been sowing since the year 1 decisions.

In a 7 year, a steady harvest is coming in and you are blessed and may want to spend some time contemplating you faith and giving thanks.

In an 8 year, it is late harvest time, the frost is coming. You are reaping the results of what you have gardened and grown during the past 8 years.

In a 9 year, the garden is frozen, the harvest is over and the garden tools need to be preserved for the next season, the garden needs to be raked and cleared and everything needs to be put in its place to start the next cycle.

Now, back to the 9 years for me: In 1965 my marriage fell apart, I knew a divorce was coming in 1966. I’ve talked of all of the wonderful changes that were coming with meditation early in 1974, my old way of life was torn apart by the end of the year, plans to move into a spiritual group fell apart and I had already given up my apartment and office space. I slept. showered and fixed meals in a tiny apartment with a good friend in Greenwich Village and had to keep my things in storage and basically live out of the trunk of my car.  The 1 year brought me to Virginia Beach and the Fellowship of the Inner Light to be an Inner Light Consciousness Guide. In 1983, I “moved to Europe for a year” to answer a call for a spiritual guide to help fill an office for a local Inner Light Consciousness office in Benelux. I gave up my cozy apartment and community, my car, my inherited antique furniture, and began a new career with MANY nay-sayers and obstacles. I also moved my Down syndrome daughter to a foreign country where I couldn’t afford an American/English School. There was no office waiting for me and then people weren’t so sure they wanted anyone after all. I was tested and found strength with my Inner Teacher that I didn’t know existed.  That move to Europe turned out to be 14 years!

The following 1 year brought me a cozy small comfortable office/home in The Hague (a beautiful exciting city), wonderful open devoted students and my first invitation to teach in Norway. And little did I know how that invitation would enrich my life and my daughter’s life. We moved to Oslo in the next 5 year, the readjusting year.  We lived in Norway for 9 years.

Late 1993 was wonderful. That 9 year I didn’t have to sacrifice a thing. I worked with three other women in Oslo with great talent, openness, flexibility, wisdom and valor to begin creating a teaching/healing center that opened very early in my 2 year.

5 years are also years of change and movement. In 1998 I lost the right to stay in Norway and Laurie and I returned to the states. In 2001 another 9 year, with a Masters’ Degree in Education, I had to deal with the fact that I couldn’t work as a psychotherapist or ministerial counselor legally in Virginia without spending two years getting additional education and supervision. And a psychic said to me, “People hear your name and they know instinctively that you stand for honesty and truthfulness and that is dangerous in the Washington DC area.  Almost everyone has one family member who is involved in government secrets. You are a threat and will never be wanted as a therapist here.” So, I adjusted and took a job as an associate in a non-profit. I “retired” from that position in a 7 year and started what is now my full time position as a self-employed piano teacher, which I enjoy.

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