Day 82, FREE to be YOUng: 9 Year Cycles, The Chapters of Our Lives

As I read various books on numerology, I discovered numerologists might work with cycles of many lengths: 9 years, 17 years, 21 years, etc. All of that seemed very confusing. The one cycle that I grasped and felt comfortable working with was the 9 Year Cycle. Yesterday, I explained how a 9 Year Cycle can be considered as a gardening season covering those 9 years. Strange as it may seem we are not born in a personal 1 year! I was born in 1940 which adds up to 5.  Then that 5 when added to my personal # 6 (Discussed on Day 79) = 11 or 2. I’ve heard of no explanation for this and have no explanation for this. We then need to figure our personal years accurately. That information was shared yesterday on Day 81.

Certainly every 9 Year Cycle in our lives is an education. I am a firm believer that every day has its own lesson plan. (And goodness knows, if we don’t get the lessons, they keep repeating and repeating and repeating, and…) So, these cycles carry many lessons and opportunities for expansion in knowledge and wisdom. Happy seeking!

These 9 Year Cycles are clearly large chunks of our autobiographies. Here is how I began to work with my personal 9 Year Cycles.

  1. I began by listing my personal year #’s and noted what occurred that year for my growth and development.
  2. I then grouped these in the 9 year cycles that covered my life.
  3. Then I assigned a title to each cycle and that’s when I discovered the titles seemed like chapter headings. Here is what I learned about myself by assigning what could be considered chapter titles in a memoir. I started at age 7 & 8 with:

Longing for Emotional Honesty in Family and Community (Typical of future family therapists)

Discovering and Owning MY Personal Values

Rediscovering MY Free Child/Learning and Practicing Emotional Honesty

Finding Divine Guidance and Relating to My Inner Teacher

Finding/Practicing My Wholeness and Growing Integrity and Strength

Sharing My Wholeness and Growing Integrity and Strength

Experiencing Suburban Life

Learning/Practicing How to Live in Compassion and Delight

Until my visit to my childhood home only a week ago, I had been thinking that before the age of 17 or 18 most youth are involved in the same cycles of education and maturation. I realized what a narrow minded view that was and became clearer about my cycle that started at age 7. Immigrant children, enslaved children, foster and adopted children and all children have their personal cycle themes.

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