FREE to be YOUng: Journaling and The First Chakra: The Daily Log

This journal entry, The Log, informs us on how we are spending our time, energy and money!

Like many teenage girls, I kept a dairy. Too often I didn’t reread it. My experience has led me to believe that is unwise! One day my father came home forbidding me at 16 to see a boy with whom I was sure I was in love with for eternity.  I was heartbroken for years and blamed my father for being narrow-minded and prejudiced against the 20 year old and his family. In my 20’s I collected my old dairies that were stored in a box in the attic of my childhood home on the farm in Indiana.  As I reread the diary from 1956, I realized that I had written a prayer earlier in the month of the breakup asking God to be clear with me if … was the right person for me. Obviously: 1. I had a short memory not remembering what I prayed for and 2. God made the decision to end the relationship and my father was His tool. So, if you do keep a dairy or journal I do suggest re-reading it occasionally to understand your process and development.

Watching my mental process, I am considering journaling to be more serious than keeping a diary. “That’s not necessarily so.” Below is a definition of “journal”:

a: a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use : diary.

b: a record of current transactions especially : a book of original entry in double-entry bookkeeping.

c: an account of day-to-day events.

d: a record of transactions kept by a deliberative or legislative body.

Early in the 1970’s I took two journaling workshops both held at the elegant mansion, The Wainwright House Center for the Development of Human Potential on Long Island Sound at Rye, New York. It now operates under the name Wainwright House, Inc. Unfortunately, the name of the famous lecturer on journaling is not coming back to me out of my perfect memory (yet!). He was a colleague of Norma Vincent Peale.  His workshops were an important transitional point between my therapeutic and my spiritual journey.

When I came to the Inner Light Consciousness Class there was a journal entry for each of the chakras. Today let me introduce the first level of journaling, “The Log”, the color of the chakra is red. This entry is simple. It’s just the facts of the day’s events without editorializing. It’s much like a ship’s log. Because it is just facts it is quite boring. However, it provides a clear observation of how we spend our time, energy and money!

So far today for me: cleared my balcony of planters and furniture for the workers repairing cement, trimmed surviving heather plants, made breakfast, ate it, started blog, watched two talk shows while doing two loads of laundry, put laundry away, make meatloaf, ate lunch, did two puzzles, bought ticket for Art-Stream show, researched Wainwright House, tried to find journal teacher’s name on web and with Marble Church in New York, finished blog, (what I know is on my agenda for the remainder of the day:) readied myself for work, took a short walk, taught 3 students, attended Laurie’s celebration with L’Arche, ate late dinner, led meditation call, watched The Big Bang Theory, readied myself for bed (spiritual reading).

Normally, I wouldn’t put so much in my log after all these years. I think it especially good for working women to note how much they do DO!

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